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Don't Strive For 'Instagrammable' Body

How Do You See Yourself On Instagram

It seems to me that lately, we use Instagram only to justify our own dissatisfaction and to find confirmation that something is okay or not okay compared to what the algorithm has set for us. It has become very important to be critical, first, of yourself and ask yourself why you use Instagram. It's very easy to fall into the trap where everyone posts perfect bodies, puts on filters, and posts mostly only the happy moments of their lives.

Working on your spirit has become more important so that we don't start comparing our looks and bodies with what's on Instagram.

The film Social Dilemma explains very well the phenomenon of the influence of social networks on a person's life, among other things, how 'counting likes' affects the self-esteem of teenage girls who really understand the number of likes personally and as a reflection of themselves in the mirror. The higher the number of likes, the higher the self-esteem.

Do we really look deep inside ourselves and look for happiness or do we look for it on social networks like Instagram? If the answer is the latter, we should ask ourselves how deeply we work on our self-concept and esteem and on what that depends on.

Top Five Reasons Why Your Body Is Not Instagrammable

1. Your Body Is Your Body

The way you feel is only your current experience, just as the experience is the way someone else feels. No two people are the same, so celebrate and cherish the uniqueness in yourself and the uniqueness of your body and compare yourself less to someone else.

2. Your Body Is Not There To Be Liked

Your body deserves special attention and loves from you, but it is by no means an object that should seek validation through likes and recognition from others. The more we accept ourselves, the less we will seek validation on social networks.

3. Your Body Is Not Perfect

Everyone has a different body, taste, and genetics. Just because someone posted a picture on Instagram doesn't mean that there aren't 'less perfect days' and every day looks like that. The perfection that Instagram imposes on us is impossible, so love your body because it's only yours and special.

4. Your Body Has Nothing To Be Compared With

Comparison has become absurd on Instagram because we all lead our lives beyond Instagram. If we look more closely at the real world, we will realize that there are so many differences, that it is absurd to compare even skim. Authenticity is the virtue of those who don't compare themselves, so if you want to be authentic, compare yourself less to others on Instagram because no life or body is the same.

5. Your Body Deserves To Be Healthy

Beauty trends that exist on Instagram have long been unrealistic. Certain advertisements for body care have become exactly what the name suggests - advertisements. This does not mean that we should immediately think about what we should change about ourselves or buy to "fix something". Your body deserves health, not toxicity.


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