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Does Climate Change Start at Home?

What is climate change?

Climate change is one of the most significant global issues we have faced for the past 40 years. Being environmentally friendly is one goal that many international organizations are trying to achieve. However, it is important to address the daily environmental footprint of our households, such as our mindsets regarding supporting large firms. In others, we are the ones in control of climate change, not the high profitably firms, not the government, but you. Big firms are trying to find ways to please us and meet our standards. If we change these standards and increase awareness of this topic, they must adapt and change towards more ethical considerations. Every time a firm wants to create a product or service, they pay attention to our everyday habits. Let us show them that our habits have changed. Then, we can expect a change that will protect the environment.

Reckless habits

It is essential to take a moment to understand our daily habits. We can all admit that we have some habits to improve, like scrolling through TikTok instead of doing our assignments. What if I told you that there are some little, minor changes that you can make in your everyday life that will impact the environment positively?

The habit of avoidance

We, humans, tend to avoid things that make us uncomfortable, and of them is changing bad habits. It is time to face the truth and understand your responsibility towards the environment. It is time to make some sacrifices and cut some everyday reckless activities that impact the environment negatively. Take this personally and find ways to develop through this challenge. Carrying about the environment shows an understanding of global awareness and is something to do with pride. Make yourself proud by being a little bodyguard for our beloved environment.

The habit of supporting the wrong people

The excuse "I had no idea it was that bad" no longer exists. Educating yourself and understanding the importance of eco-friendly organizations is ridiculously easy. Stop contributing to firms that destroy the environment with no shame. There are so many hard-working firms out there that have put time, love, and effort into creating sustainable products. Let's start giving them some credit by supporting them. Next time you go to your weekly grocery shopping, take some extra time to explore all the products you have yet to notice. Seek the more sustainable ones, try them out, and see whether some will surprise you with their great taste yet outstanding sustainability. Try using them as a replacement and slowly use them inclusively. Set as a goal every week to find new sustainable products. In a few months, you will have to make a considerable change and contribute to saving the environment by making these small changes.

The habit of using unsustainable products

We do not tolerate the use of plastic anymore. Plastic use is an action every scientist and activist strongly suggests avoiding. Climate change by a huge percentage. On a personal level, set yourself some goals. Make goal number one the limitation of plastic in your household. Buy yourself an aesthetically pleasing water bottle, reusable grocery bags, straws and coffee cups. A simple task like this can bring a meaningful change. Deforestation is the climate's biggest enemy. We are blessed to live in a society where technology develops daily. Use technology as an advantage to minimize paper, printing, and notebooks.

The habit of accepting change and other opinions

It is okay to need clarification on how to change. Seek help from verified websites and professional environmental activists who can assist and inspire you by showing ways to bring all these ideas to life. These sources provide all sources that introduce you to new businesses with excellent actions and products that satisfy your needs sustainably. Give them a chance to be heard and seen.

The habit of thinking small

Do not make the mistake that most of them make. Do not compare society's unhealthy habits with yours. You might only be one person, but you still contribute to the change. "it's only one plastic bottle, "said - people". Your change always influences the people around you. Be a new inspiration and not a negative example. Share this mindset with people around you and change together. Remember, climate change will come from us.


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