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Create a New World: Online Eco-Friendly Apps

What is climate change and why is it important?

Most of you have heard about climate change, which is considered as one of the greatest issues that the world has been facing for the past few years, at least once. Climate is defined as an average weather condition in an environment for a particular time, and the current actions taken by humans cause shifts in normal weather patterns, leading to horrific long-term consequences. It is not a secret that the overgrowing population rises the demand for natural resources for living, mainly fossil fuels, for houses, transportation and more. An increase in the usage of already limited natural resources of Earth leads to an increase in the amount of waste and carbon dioxide delivered into the atmosphere. The greenhouse gas, generated as a result of combustion of fossil fuels, such as oil or coal, acts as a blanket for the Sun, absorbing its heat and warmth, which results in a rise in surface temperature of the Earth. This all leads to unavoidable consequences of an increase in the number of natural disasters, including the latest earthquake which happened in Turkey, in the city of Kahramanmaras.

Climate change is not a joke, and actions must be taken immediately to change the possible outcomes of global warming. Many believe that it is hard or nearly impossible to give a helping hand, but at start with taking smaller steps will eventually lead to bigger changes. In our world, where the technology continues to develop, the access to the opportunities online is simply in one click away. The following article will allow you to explore different online platforms that will guide you into becoming more sustainable by taking eco-friendly actions and reducing the negative impact on the planet.

Eco-friendly applications to guide you into a sustainable life with a simple click

  • My Footprint: Climate & Nature:

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is the world's biggest independent conservation charity, created to ensure a safe space for humans and animals. It is one of the leading organisations to work on reducing the levels of carbon emissions, eliminating the negative consequences of global warming.

The application was designed to gather the latest environmental news and issues in one place to educate the masses about sustainability, as well as providing a platform to calculate your own carbon footprint. Based on the personal score, the application then gives you an overview of the average impact, which will allow you to analyse the areas of your life that have the most impact on your results.

Furthermore, the platform gives you advice on how to reduce the scores by committing to various eco-friendly activities, as well as letting you to join communities and groups within the application, taking part in challenges and games, or sharing your progression with people around.

  • NoWaste:

The founder of NoWaste, Kasper Hjortsballe, describes it as the best platform to reduce food waste. The name perfectly illustrates the idea and the initial aim of the application!

With this platform, you can easily track what is in your fridge, enabling you to organise food and remember the expiration dates easily. It allows to create the best meal plans by listing food in your pantry by expiration dates, names and categories to ensure an effective process of food selection. By keeping track of the product in your fridge, freezer and pantry, you are provided with a ready shopping lists by eliminating unnecessary and impulsive buying and decreasing the costs and expenditure.

Additionally, the app was designed as an online platform to share your success and stories with other users, as well as gaining access to +200 products and video-tutorials.

  • Too Good To Go:

Too Good To Go is an application designed specifically to reduce food waste in restaurants, cafes, and hotels. Most of the food in food service goes into waste simply because it has not been sold out in time.

This app allows individuals connect with business locally and purchase Magic Bags at a reasonable price. The items inside the Magic Bags come as a surprise - the products inside are unsold food in great conditions.

Most of the items seen as "waste" include bakeries and pastries, cooked meals and smaller snacks. The only action you need to take is to download the app, search for a local place, order, and collect!

  • Ailuna:

Ailuna is a newly developed eco-friendly engagement application based in the UK. The application creates a fun environment to change your lifestyle by building sustainable habits. In the app, you are provided with a number of "dares" and challenges that you must complete within a weekly time. The challenges were developed by the Ailuna dare team with the usage of technology and behavioural science for the development of eco-friendly goals and habits, such as saving water or consuming less energy. The application develops a new dare each month, allowing you to choose any habit you would like to adopt.

Ailuna allows users to track their progress, chat with others, join communities and groups, and share the improvements with friends and family. Moreover, it lets you explore hacks, videos and articles that will help you achieve the results in a shorter time while gaining badges after the daily check-ins!

You are only a button away!

Hopefully, you feel more confident in your abilities to start a sustainable journey by taking smaller steps. With the help of the applications that were listed in the article, you are very close to adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle in a fun, effective, and simple way!

What are you waiting for? With the opportunities now, a simple click will change your world into a better place.

Start now - create a new world...your own world.


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