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5 Youth Climate Superheroes

Holly Gillibrand - Scotland

Holly has gained a lot of support through social media and was named 2019 Glasgow Times Young Scotswoman of the Year. Holly is one of the UK's leading climate and rewilding advocates. For Holly linking climate to the state of nature has transformed the way she sees environmentalism.Holly is an organiser for Fridays for future Scotland.

Vic Barrett - America

Vic is from low-lying land in New York which is threatened by rising sea levels and more frequent storm surges and has felt firsthand climate impacts in the form of Hurricane Sandy. He is part of the Alliance for Climate Education and has spoken at the COP21 UN Conference on Climate change. Vic cares deeply about climate change justice and human rights, especially regarding the ways climate change effects young people.

John Paul Jose - India

John Paul Jose is a writer and global peace ambassador.

He provides a commentary on the environmental crisis through India's POV. He has experienced first-hand ecological destruction and climate crisis. His love for nature since childhood combined with current environmental reality inspired him towards activism.

Scarlett Westbrook - England

Scarlett Westbrook is a member of the UK student Climate Network, she has been one of the leading organisers for the school strikes in Birmingham & is also the youngest known regular policy writer in parliamentary history. She now works for Teach The Future a student-led campaign which aims to transform the British Education system by putting the Climate at it's centre. From which the first ever student bill "The English Climate Emergency Education Act" was born.

Marinel Ubaldo - Asia

Marinel helped to organise the first Youth Climate strike in Asia She is one of the leading young Female climate activists that is driving change in Asia. She protested at Shell's Manila headquarters, in front of the Wall Street Bull in New York now she works full time on Climate issues and focuses on supporting grassroots initiatives. She co-founded the group Youth Leaders for environmental action federation.


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