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Bridging the Values-Action Gap When It Comes to Climate Action

Patrycja M. Pietras

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Why the world is on fire when everything seems to be eco-friendly? Have you ever heard someone say, ''Temperatures are not that high? We still have cold days, and we're probably fine?" Yes? Well, to remind there are still politicians out there who didn't believe in climate change and environmental crisis till now. Then, fortunately, the majority started to see that we have a huge problem. As inhabitants of this planet, it's our responsibility to rescue it for the present and the future.

Often not seen daily from the comfort of our homes, the struggle of planet Earth is real. And as

''The climate emergency is a race we are losing, but it is a race we can win'',

We still have a chance to make a change and since it's still not that late, let's talk more about the values-action gap in climate action.

Even though three years have passed since the 2019 UN assembly, and we came upon many crises just in those years, from a global pandemic and wildfires across the globe to the war, we can only see how strong we are for still fighting for values. We must understand that everything can start just with one person, me, you, the neighbour across the street. So, what can we do when the world seems to be against and blur our green vision?

Start small, start local, and think globally.

Eating locally grown fruit and vegetables that are in season can significantly improve your health and reduce carbon emissions.

Help your bank account and local shops, cafes, and restaurants by using a great app, TooGoodToGo, which works in many cities and countries. You can buy delicious meals that didn't sell during the day at reduced prices.

Reduction of the meat and dairy you consume helps save the lives of animals and reduces the water needed in the meat preparation process.

Plan it out.

Planning what you need to buy can reduce food waste and other unnecessary shopping. There's nothing more frustrating than unused items we put into different drawers at home and not even remembering them.

Don't be scared of leftovers. You can get creative with all you can already find in your fridge!

By walking around with your reusable bag, you are way more fashionable than others who use plastic bags and can also minimalise unnecessary plastic waste.

Having a coffee to go is nice, but you will be way friendlier to the environment if you will use your coffee cup.

Be conscious of the 'conscious choice' clothing labels.

Many brands are just using 'going green' marketing and greenwashing to attract more consumers. In reality, there is minimal or non-evidence behind those phrases. If you don't like being lied to, always do further research and look for trusted third-party certifications. Some of them you can find here:

Recycle, recycle and one's again, recycle.

Any clothes you're now wearing anymore can be sold on Vinted or given to the local charities where people in more need will give them a second life.

You can also buy clothes second-hand; if you look deeper, you'll be able to find new pieces even with labels for a reduced price.

The list of actions you can take can go on and on, from using public transport instead of a car and turning off electrical devices and lights when you're not using them. But, most importantly, listen to your common sense.

Talk about it, show it, engage with others, and volunteer. Use your voice and put value to it.

Please help us build bridges between plans, values and action, not walls.


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