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Positive Ways to Use Social Media to Improve Body Image

Body image is the way we see and feel about ourselves and how we believe others view us. It can create critical and negative judgments toward ourselves. Social media platforms have created this toxic environment where we are constantly comparing ourselves with people with the "perfect" body or face. More often than not the images we see have been edited using tools or filters. So what we are seeing isn't the person's true self.

4 Ways To Use Social Media

Social media can have negative and positive effects on how you view your body. Unfortunately, it's more common to feel negative after scrolling through social. We all know how it can lower our: moods, perception of ourselves, confidence, and body image. That being said, it's finally time to discuss how we can use social media to uplift us and make us feel confident about ourselves again. As a frequent user of social media, I understand how easy it is to get sucked into this fake reality and constantly focus on other (random) people's lives. I also appreciate it's difficult to put down your phone and not be consumed. Here are 4 ways you can use social media to benefit you:

  1. Learn- It can be used to find out about skills or hobbies that interest you or that you can monetise.

  2. Connect with friends- separate the social and the media and just use it to keep in contact with friends or reach out and make new ones!

  3. Stay motivated- unfollow accounts that make you feel bad and filter your content so that you personalise the algorithm and not algorithm feeding you negative media. Some media encourages a healthier and more active lifestyle, through taking care of your body spiritually and mentally.

  4. Express yourself- use your current account or create a private account where you don't feel the pressure of other people 'liking' your content. Where you can post freely expressing your life and interests.

What you can do to Remove the Pressure

It's unrealistic to come off social media altogether, but if it's affecting you negatively there are ways to that counteract this negativity and manage it. One way you can start is by being kinder to yourself. The way you talk and think about yourself affects how you view yourself. So grab a mirror, look at yourself, and say (out loud) 3 things you like about yourself. When you start speaking to yourself nicely and positively you'll believe it. Sometimes you have to have that fake it till you make it mindset.

Looking good is not the only way to feel good.... but feeling good really can make you look good. How you feel inside reflects on your aura and essentially is what those around you will see. Exercising regularly is one way to access this inner feeling and increase your confidence and self-esteem. There is no specific exercise that guarantees improved confidence (that would be too easy ). Instead it's about finding what works for you and your lifestyle. Whether that's lifting weights at the gym, going on walks, running, swimming, etc. Consistent exercise can remodel your brain by releasing higher levels of dopamine which is what makes us feel good.


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