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5 ways to become a more conscious fashion consumer

It is common knowledge that the fashion industry is now of the leading waste producers and contributing to the ongoing climate crisis. While industry professionals and designers are taking their stance on this debate, we as consumers need to make our own contributions. So here are 5 small steps that you can take to become a conscious yet fashionable citizen.

Buy less, Consume more

Data suggests that the value of unused clothing in wardrobes has been estimated at around £30 billion. It is also estimated £140 million worth of clothing goes into landfill each year. While there is definitely an opportunity for local authorities to take action, individual initiative is important as well.

Buying more durable clothing that is quality centric and not quantity centric is a good approach. Fast fashion brands have created an illusion of trend based shopping but conscious buyers shop smart. Investing in classic pieces and creating a capsule wardrobe is not just eco-friendly but also a trend among influencers.

Conscious care

We are well aware that it takes 2,700 litres to produce one cotton t-shirt. But the water used in maintaining that t-shirt is no less. Washing and laundry is the second most water consuming phase after cotton and fabric production. The lack of consumer knowledge results in not just waster wastage but heavy energy consumptions as well.

Adopting smart practices during use phase of a garment is a small step individuals can take initiative. Practices like spot washing and line drying are some of the many ways one can adopt.

Repair and Rewear

One of the major reasons garments are disposed in landfills is that users tend to throw them due to general wear and tear. While our grannies took pride in stitching and repairing old clothes, our generation seems to have lost that art.

Learning basic stitching and mending techniques is not so hard. Many bloggers and vloggers are here to help. If the tear seems to be beyond repair, think big and transform the garment into something new altogether. So spend your Sunday afternoon immersed in DIY activities.

Thrift shop hunting

Wearing vintage is the trend of the season. Designer’s always look at their archives for new collection so why not buy something from the past.

Secondhand shopping is a great way to guilt-free shopping since very purchase is fashion conscious. There are definitely some tricks and techniques to find the ultimate treasure but wearing a pre-owned piece is an emotion in itself.

Demand change

Yes, individual initiative is great but it is only with collective action that the momentum gets stronger. So while you blog and post about your conscious fashion approach, don’t forget to demand collective action as well.

Participate in protests sign petitions and most of all get educated. Read more on what is wrong, what can be done to fix it and help educate others as well. After all we all share this planet and there is No Planet B.


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