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5 Online Fashion Communities That Will Inspire Your Wardrobe

For those who love discovering new fashion styles and are always looking for inspiration, online fashion communities are definitely worth looking at. Below is a list of fashion sites that all connect their members into the fashion world one way or another.

There are many male individuals that find the topic of fashion intimidating, which is purely down to not having the confidence to style new outfits and take new risks within their wardrobe. Therefore fashion communities such as Ask Andy About Clothes are so important to many men who are not confident with their wardrobe decisions.

Andy Gilchrist created the website forum Ask Andy About Clothes over a decade ago and since then has developed a huge community within online fashion. Andy’s website is a great platform for men who are new to fashion and wanting to learn more about style.

Not only this but the site offers the opportunity to meet and speak to other individuals who have similar interests or who can just offer support and advice. The website offers a variety of different features such as – clothing advice, product reviews and a general question section as well as offering much more.

2. Lyst

Lyst was established in 2020 by founders Chris Morton and Seb Trepca. The two wanted to create a platform in which thousands of fashion brands were accessible in just one place. Not only this, but Lyst offers a variety of different features such as access to what is new and trending within the fashion industry and gives customers the ability to compare shipping and prices across various stores.

Lyst offers a new experience for shoppers allowing them to create their own unique newsfeed based on their favourite styles, and brands making their shopping experiences easier and personalised – certainly worth signing up!

“Companies cultures are like all relationships – they need care and attention.” Chris Morton

The fashion spot is an online fashion site aimed at women offering them the opportunity to discover and discuss all things fashion related. The site offers a variety of different elements such as tips, trends, and new styles.

One thing that is great about this platform is the amount of variety the website offers! There are various helpful articles that will really help and inspire your wardrobe as well as featuring elements such as beauty, Wellness, Celebs and more.

This website really does have something for everyone and there is no question about why the site has such a huge following! Go check it out!

LookBook is an amazing site that offers thousands of different photographs of people working in fashion and trying to get noticed in fashion. This is a great platform to discover new styles that have not been seen by a huge amount of people – and therefore offers plenty of unique ideas.

As well as this the site also offers the access to global trends, specific styles such as Sport, DIY, and gothic looks. While also offering a section dedicated to different occasions so you can find inspiring looks for certain upcoming events you may have.

Not only this but the site has so many different features; such as contests to enter, interviews and blogs. So if you are passionate and serious about fashion this is definitely the site for you!

Styleforum is a fashion forum with a lot to offer – the site has 2 owners and is based around providing a large online community for men. These styles vary from classic to street styles making the site extremely diverse.

The site began in 2002 and since then has grown massively due to its ability to keep up with the pace of changing styles and interests.

“Men with style are great because they have a sense of self.” Lexa Doig

When entering the forum it states “At Styleforum, you’ll find rousing discussions that go beyond strings of emojis”. This is basically explaining how the site has more to offer then standard social networking sites.

The site includes men’s articles, Style advice as well as featuring a buying and selling section. It overall offers a much wider variety then a standard internet forum, it is a place where you can learn about fashion, find new inspirations, and meet new people.


Style is different for everyone and online fashion communities allow people to find themselves through inspiration.

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” Lauren Hutton

This is exactly what fashion communities allow people to do, discover different styles and take inspiration from them.


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