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5 Empowering Brands Celebrating Body Image and Diversity!

Doing Body Positivity The Right Way!

Summersalt centers around fit and comfort, so they want to make sure everyone knows these clothes are meant for them. That means representing a full spectrum of bodies.

Their 2021 swimwear campaign features plus-size, disabled, postpartum, and senior models. They also include plus-size BIPOC women in their campaigns— a progressive move since many brands often only show white models in larger sizes.

Representation includes LGBTQ+ people, models with chronic illness, body liberation activists, and entrepreneurs, showing that body positivity transcends body shape and size.

Thinx advocates for menstrual equality around the world. Their new program EveryBody promotes inclusive education about sex and reproductive health.

They also work with partners like Girls Inc. and Alliance of Border Collaboratives to bring menstrual and incontinence products to people who need them.

Periods have been stigmatized for so long that it’s hard to remember them as a natural body process. Thinx is changing that conversation by using inclusive language like “people with periods” to include trans and non-binary people who menstruate.

This inclusive approach takes some of the discomforts away from buying those products for people of any gender, and ensures that more people have access to period products worldwide.

Fran and Naomi founded TomboyX when they couldn’t find gender-affirming underwear for themselves.

Clothing is one of the most visible ways many transgender and non-binary people express their identities, and TomboyX fills a need that goes beyond following trends with a range of sizes up to 6XL to help as many people as possible feel comfortable in their bodies.

While TomboyX clothing isn’t exclusively for trans and non-binary folks, their mission and practice helps many trans and non-binary people who experience gender dysphoria to move toward accepting and loving their bodies.

Girlfriend Collective was founded by people who wanted to make a difference in fashion. For this brand, body positivity is about recognizing that BIPOC, LGBTQ+, disabled, chronically ill, and other marginalized bodies matter.

They feature inclusive models that break the boundaries of what we consider acceptable beauty, including women with body hair. Their clothing ranges from XXS to 6XL.

Beyond their mission to champion inclusive sizing, Girlfriend Collective actively donates to a range of progressive organizations and provides resources to help people get involved in activism, educate themselves, and support Black-owned and sustainable businesses.

Parade goes beyond the idea that size inclusivity is a unique or admirable quality for a brand. Instead, it's an expectation. This sustainable brand shows people that there are lots of ways to be beautiful. As they say, “sexiness isn’t one-dimensional.”

Parade involves plus-sized people in their product development to ensure that their underwear fits bodies of all different shapes and sizes without pinching or digging in.

They also donate 1% of their profits to Planned Parenthood to help more people care for their bodies and access inclusive sex education.


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