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30 Pieces of Sturdy

How to minimalise your wardrobe with 30 pieces that will last you every season...

Fashion changes all the time to match the needs of society. From inspired futuristic looks, to pulling back the trends from vintage times, making every individual unique.

Everyone can discover their own interests. Yet fashion can be associated as being more of an expensive term. Only the rich and famous could afford the designer looks, while walking on the red carpet.

Making people believe, you would have to spend more to look the same way they do.

How can you maintain your wardrobe and still be fashionable?

Yet, the real secret is you can…without buying too many items that you don’t need.

If you are maximizing your wardrobe with the same basic t-shirts, you wear simply everyday with your many pair of jeans, piled on top of one another, all looking very much identical.

You are really filling up so much previous space you could use for other thing that fulfil your interests and your wellbeing.

Minimalizing your wardrobe, filled with only the essentials you need, can have influence on your whole look, as well as keeping you economically stable and kinder to the environment.

This will be your perfect guide to discover how simplicity can really be your pride and glory when it comes to styling your wardrobe.

For example, why have multiple pairs of shoes, when you can own up to five, that are relevant to every event you will soon pass?

Old Skool Vans are necessary to own in your possession. While lacing up your favourite gym running trainers before a workout, mark as essential.

Tasteful ballerina pumps to give your feet a rest are also a must have.

Not to forget the pair of the cutest heels you found lurking, which make you tall enough to reach a skyscraper, for every party you rock at.

As the winter months approach, the most fashionable item that has everyone talking about, are the cute and cuddly teddy coats.

One big and thick teddy coat will keep you warm throughout the winter, in any colour.

Models such as Hailey Bieber and Rosie Huntington-Whitley, have been photographed several times wearing the same teddy coat, matching their various outfits, from day and night looks.

Why not match that coat with a scarf and some gloves in the same colour?

Going back to the concept of shoes, the only one pair you need to keep your winter look glamourous, is a pair of knee-high boots, either with a heel or flat.

These can be part of your limited five pair of shoes, as these boots can be worn for any occasion, and you will not have to stress about deciding what pair will go with what outfit, when any type of boots can fill in all those gaps… as they are made for walking.

The first items of this list count to your first nine and a whole outfit is complete.

The simplicity really shines through and there is so much more to mention.

One of the best things to have in your wardrobe are basics. These include t-shirts, long sleeved shirts, and vests, ranging from simple colours, like black, white, or beige.

Wearing these with a pair of jeans, helps you chose lightly when you are getting ready in the morning and only need to pop out.

A striped jumper is also a good piece to include when styling up your jeans.

When it comes to jeans the maximum pair you will need is two, one in each shade. From bright blues to neutral navy.

Which you can wear a couple of times throughout the week, without the thought of washing them too much.

As the weather cools down, you can never fall out with a biker jacket, leather or faux.

The little black dress assemble is always a classic to reckon with. Keeping the sophistication, while modernizing the look with minimal effort.

If you are preparing for the job interview of your dream role, wearing a tailored black jacket will show how motivated you are, without being too intimidating, and it can’t be more simplistic.

Accessorise with your favourite pair of cat eyed sunglasses, the same one you always wear in your Instagram posts, the ones you are remembered for, because your followers comment how cool you look.

Following on with the accessories to consist of; a timeless watch will always look smart matched with your essentials.

Minimalizing everything doesn’t mean you are making yourself look boring or plain. It is shaping how the simplest of things, can make our lives healthier.

Recent reports have commented, how people can be less satisfied with their wardrobe. Especially if it is filled with the same colours and patterns from the seasons before.

Some many feel overwhelmed with all the amounts to clothing to choose from and they may complain they have nothing to wear, when the irony is, there is more than needed.

Wardrobe ‘stuffocation’ is how we can fall into the habit of buying similar clothing and accessories, we already own. The compulsive urge to splash out on the latest trends when these will be piled up with everything else and we can’t feel as accomplished.

Yet, with the same clothing and items we are mostly fond of, and continue to wear throughout most days, we become more attached to them.

This approach can make our environment more spacious and subtle, changing our concept of what really is important to keep us happy.

Less is more really does have a valuable meaning.

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