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10 Small Ways You Can Be a Climate Change Activist

Climate change is a scary thought but unfortunately, it is happening on our planet right now. Although there are many, granted small but potentially impactful, ways you can become a climate activist by making small changes to the way you live. As Ocean Service states, our planet and reversing climate change starts with you and can even start at home.

I’m going to list ten ways you can start being a climate change activist. It’s also important to note that you should massively encourage others to think about their ways and take a look at a list like this.

1. Wear more clothes indoors

I know when a family member tells you to wrap up warm when you’re sitting inside can be annoying but they actually make a valid point. Layering up when indoors is a good way of keeping warm without the need of turning on the heating. So an extra hoodie could save you on energy bills and also the planet on global warming.

2. Don’t buy plastic bottled water

Plastic in particular has been at the forefront of the news in recent years. Plastic doesn’t erode and takes years to recycle properly, it became one of the biggest factors in climate change.

Buying plastic bottled water is one of the worst ways to contribute to climate change as the bottle cannot be recycled easily. It is best to always use, when possible, a reusable water bottle. This way there is no plastic being thrown away and it benefits you because it’s your very own!

3. Get reusable carrier bags

In the UK you now have to pay 5p for a plastic bag and this is to deter shoppers from purchasing one unless necessary. What’s even better than a plastic carrier bag is a reusable one. Supermarkets named their reusable bags ‘a bag for life’ and they aren’t wrong. According to Smart Bags, ‘these should last for years’.

4. Become informed

Becoming informed is one of the most important ways to reverse climate change. Just by reading this article, you are informing yourself on ways you can help. If more people read up on this topic then more people would get involved and hope that’d be more people doing what they can for the planet. Staying informed is potentially the first way to help.

5. Buy and stay local

Buying locally sourced products isn’t just a trend happening right now but should instead be turned into a lifestyle. Buying local foods and shopping in local independent shops saves money on energy from shipping over products.

6. Buy sustainable items

Sustainability is another growing trend in recent years but again is very easy to turn into a lifestyle. TRVST confirmed that ‘eco-friendly and sustainable products often have minimal to no toxic ingredients’. Second-hand items also reduce shipping costs and blocks out the overuse of fast fashion that is still growing in the Western world.

7. Eat less meat

Yet another growing trend in the modern-day world is vegetarianism and veganism. Meat production has a negative impact on climate change and so, turning to more plant-based food is a way you could help.

Data collected by several sources show that citizens in the UK are already making this conscious switch to being vegetarian and vegan. In 2018, it was reported that 11% of the UK were vegetarian and in 2019, there were 1.21% vegans.

8. Recycle

This seems like the most obvious option and the one that most think about when it comes to climate change and global warming. Doing basic recycling really doesn’t take much but it makes such a big difference. All it takes is separating plastics, cardboard and general items.

KAB suggested that if every household in the world recycled ‘it would be cleaner and make more use of available resources… landfills would shrink tremendously’.

9. Travel responsibly

Travelling responsibly has been drilled into us since our school days when we had to respond to surveys on how we travelled to school. If there is an option to carshare, get public transport or even better walk or cycle - then do it! Cars are one of the biggest causes of climate change and less of them on the roads means less CO2 and toxic emissions released into the atmosphere.

10. Conserve water

Conserving water ties in slightly with having a reusable water bottle. The less water you use, the less likely that the waste of it will end up in the ocean. Make sure you don’t fill your reusable bottle too high and only fill it as and when necessary so none is wasted.

All of these steps are extremely possible and easy to begin. You just need to take the first baby step towards the first one, everything else will come naturally because you’ll surely want to do your bit at saving the planet.

If you don’t take much away from this article then please take this away and always remember the vital three ‘R’s’ - reduce, reuse and recycle. If you remember the three ‘R’s’ you’ll rarely go wrong as they sum up small changes to reverse climate change perfectly. Which step will you be starting your climate change journey with?


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