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Do you care about fashion and important social issues such as mental health, feminism, climate change, body image and sexuality? Do you want to learn skills in online content creation such as digital storytelling, SEO and editing? Do you want to have your work published for a digital magazine with a fast-growing global readership? Our Fashion + Storytelling course is perfect for you!

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What To Expect


Upon joining the course, you’ll receive access to all tutorials, a special writer’s block meditation from our Mindset Coach, Karen, and your Fashion + Stuff That Matters article brief. 


At your own pace, you’ll then work your way through each of our tutorials which are carefully designed to deepen your understanding of fashion, heighten your awareness of global social issues and enhance your digital storytelling skills. 


At the end of the week you’ll submit your finished article to the Mindless Mag team via email. Just a few weeks later your article will be published live on our website. Your story will inform, engage, inspire and empower our readers to drive positive change within fashion. You'll also have the opportunity to boost your portfolio.

Who is this for?


The Mindless Mag community welcomes anyone and everyone with open arms. To join our Fashion + Storytelling course you don’t need to have any prior writing experience, we teach you everything you need to know. 


 This course is particularly suitable for:


  • Conscious fashion advocates keen to join important fashion conversations and have your voices heard.

  • Aspiring writers and journalists looking to gain professional experience and build up a portfolio of work and skills to kick-start your career.

  • Experienced bloggers and writers wanting to further your professional experience, building on existing knowledge and expertise in digital storytelling.

  • First-time writers looking to further their understanding of how the fashion industry works and have your voice heard.

  • Anyone with an interest in fashion and social issues that’s looking for a personal challenge and opportunity to have your voice heard.


How To Book

Our Fashion + Storytelling course runs at the start of each month in line with our monthly campaigns. To view our upcoming courses and campaign topics, and register your place, simply click on the button below.

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