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Why Money Only Fills A Temporary Void

Money is most probably one of the most important things in this world, it provides different functions such as freedom and the power to allow people to obtain what they need in life. However, the real question is, can money buy someone happiness? There is different way to debate this with some people who may say yes and some who may say no. Most people will initially say that yes it does buy happiness however some do disagree, and it is based on people’s beliefs and values.

What is happiness?

Happiness is the experience of joy, positive well-being and fulfilment. It is an emotion that can also be temporary. For example, when people are buying new items, this happiness can be short term. These items such as handbags and iPhone’s are material items that may only be limited or temporary that in the long term the excitement of these items eventually fade into the background with potentially no use. Money can easily buy items that will make a person feel better however it cannot buy you nutrition, beauty or health and the true meaning of happiness. People can spend their entire lives trying to look better and show a hidden personality to those around them with more materialistic items however they struggle to represent their real happiness, and this happiness can come from non-monetary forms.

Benefits of money

Money can reduce intense stress, bring greater control and higher income is in correlation to a higher life satisfaction. When people have a suitable amount of money their focus is less attention on acquiring it in order to meet the basic needs. Within a six-month experiment in the journal PNAS it investigated the effects of transferring 200 people a sum of $10,000. It had reported that these people were feeling happier than those who did not receive this payment. However, this study was only relevant to those who were earning up to $123,000 in their households. This study demonstrates that the happiness money can provide is dependent on a personal yearly income. It shows that yes money can help you to survive and make you feel comfortable in life, but it truly is not the be all or end all of happiness for a longer period. There are more important things in life that can make this happiness such as friends. Friends do not come with a price tag, the memories and experiences that you make with these friends cannot be bought.

Status of money

Too many people spend money they earned to buy things they don’t want to, to impress people that they don’t like. People want to look good in front of others but may have no money behind this presence and is struggling with none or little security. Those with more money think they are at a higher status to other around them however money does not make a person any wiser or smarter. Every individual has the capability to be the next Elon Musk and it is not just about having money. Generosity is a crucial understanding to happiness, and this is something that cannot be bought, giving to others produced numerous psychological and emotional benefits and this resource helps to maximise happiness. Also gaining respect is more important to the status hierarchy and can make people happier. This is because there is more fulfilment and satisfaction in being a well-respected and appreciate member to your group and society. To climb the ladder of success, there is more importance involved than just money.

Overall money can buy temporary happiness, it can make someone feel more stable in their life and comfortable however it does not provide true happiness for a long period of time. You can lack money and still live a perfect life. You can make your own happiness in life by being with those who bring you love, fulfilment and those who are appreciative and thankful to have you in their life. A person’s emotional support is a lot more important than a monetary status. As seen, this is a yes or no answer as everyone can say they would benefit from extra cash in their lives for their own personal benefit however it is still not able to provide other needs such as family, friends, experience and other emotional elements such as love.


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