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Why Minimalism is the self-help solution?

Have you ever bought 10 white t-shirts made of poor quality fibres and then thrown them away after changing one every two days? Do you always feel like you’re missing a piece of clothes in your wardrobe? Do you feel like you can’t wear it anymore after you’ve posed and uploaded it to Insta?

When you spend for your own lazy consumption, you are not only wasting money, but also destroying the marine environment on which our life depend on.

Environmental damage happens in the details of our lives that we take for granted. While we are washing our clothes and reaping the benefits of a clean and comfortable experience, a large amount of micro-fibre is entering the sea through the drainage system and being eaten by marine life.

Do you think that marine life pay for what we do? No, they are not obliged to do so. All the pollutants eaten by the small fish end up as a blemish in our food chain, and it is humans ourselves who are the ultimate victims.

Although sustainable materials are also actively promoted in the mainstream media, the problem is that sustainable materials yield clothes costing more. For example, Organic Basics underwear for women can cost between £50 and £75. For the average consumer, the question of how to keep their budget in mind and still contribute to marine conservation is being ignored.

But washing and buying clothes is an essential rhythm of our lives, and the masses always think that the environment is far away from us, and how can we develop a habit of protecting the environment when we already have so many trivial things to do at work and in our lives.

In fact, there is no need for fashion lovers to feel powerless, as minimalism, a style recently pursued and promoted by major fashion bloggers, offers a methodology for marine conservation that is accessible to everyone.

Here is a checklist that you can use to form your own minimalist lifestyle.

Firstly, take a look at your wardrobe and which colour makes up the largest proportion of your wardrobe. You may be a person who like to keep things simple and fresh, then your wardrobe is likely to be filled with lighter shades of clothing. In this case, your wardrobe is probably in a state of elemental overfillment.

The well-known dressing formula is to have no more than three colours throughout your outfit. So if you have ten pieces of clothing in the same colour, you can choose to remove five of them from your future shopping plans and replace them with two pieces of grey or light green, for example.

The benefit of this is that it reduces your shopping budget and, imaging everyone in Merseyside buy two less items of clothing each month, which would accumulate to be a major improvement for the environment.

Next, calculate the overall price of your wardrobe.

Does it ever occur to you that every item of clothing is not very expensive, but the clothing budget is unusually large? This is where our minimalist quality of life come in handy again. If you purchase a good quality and classic (perhaps Organic Basic) piece of clothing for the price of three of them, you will not only create a new self-image and boost your confidence. You will also reduce the need for the fast fashion industry, create a healthy shopping habit and ease the burden on the environment.

Maybe we don’t have the luxury of caring about the seemingly distant marine environment all the time, and we can’t reduce the necessity of laundry for ourselves. But we can start by adopting a lifestyle that is healthy for the environment and for ourselves, which minimise the damage to environmental safety from the start.

Here are some minimalist wardrobe YouTubers for readers to use as a reference, and there’s no reason why we can’t choose to live such a win-win lifestyle. You could participate in the ‘xx Pieces Minimalism Wardrobe Challenge’ as well. Bring this lifestyle into your everyday life!

Or you could just input the key words of Minimalism in Youtube or Instagram, there are tons of style reference and suggestions you could follow, and remember be ease to yourself.

Make it simple and make it longer.


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