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What is The Circular Economy and How You Can Play a Positive Role ?

What is circular fashion?

Circular fashion is centred within the frameworks of clothing items, accessories and shoes being “made to be made again” to be renewable and recycled. Its business model is designed to protect the environment from pollution, climate change, waste and biodiversity loss through circulating fashion products for as long as the value and quality of the product is maintained. (MacArthur, 2020)

Circular fashion informs, brings awareness and encourages brands and consumers to take initiative and be a part of a model through fashion that protects the environment.

Products should be made using eco-friendly materials. When a product is no longer in use for someone or a brand, it should be renewed or recycled into a new product for its next consumer and then the cycle repeats. This is the design and purpose of circular fashion. It inspires and promotes positive change in how we produce and consume fashion products.

Core principals of the circular economy

  1. Eradicate pollution and waste which goes to landfill and the oceans.

  2. Ensure that products are continuously going through the circular cycle.

  3. Making sure and incorporating natural resources into the production and consumption of fashion such as renewable and recyclable materials.

Understanding the current fashion cycle

In today’s society, fast fashion products are made, used and then thrown away. These products usually aren’t renewable, so they end up in waste lands or oceans adding to the world’s existing pollution and waste crisis. Fast fashion is marketed to be desirable to its consumers by its low cost.

However, items are produced at the expense of the environment. Toxic chemicals and polluting substances such a CO2 are aired into our eco system. When the clothing is used by the consumer it then ends up as waste as the item was not designed to be renewable or recycled.

This process is damaging to our pollution, global warming, and our oceans. The fashion industry’s current practices result in tons of plastic microfibres being tossed into the ocean, having an affect on sea creatures and their quality of life.

With the circular economy we can collaborate together, encourage and inspire each other to take part in a sustainable fashion whereby we can nurture and take care of the nature, environment, and animals.

What role can I play in circular fashion?

One of the best ways you can contribute and take part is to research and have a look at the various brands online. I’ve listed some below who participate in the circular economy – you might find products you really like!

By being a conscious buyer and purchasing from Circular fashion brands you can help support the circular design and cycle and help the environment.

I encourage you to tell your friends and family about the circular economy so they too can be informed and be a part of the positive change.

Five circular brands that you can look at online:

Been London – produces lovely handbags out of recycled leather and polyester. The bags are made through sustainable materials and to be durable.

Teemill – it’s a waste-free t-shirt brand that uses organic cotton which then is reused as vegetable oil and cow feed. The company also recirculates 95% of its water fabric dye.

Stella McCartney – the brand uses creative ways to reuse material such as recycled nylon and polyester and its apart of the Make fashion Circular Initiative founded by Ellen McArthur.

MUD Jeans – a Netherlands-based jeans brand that make products that are durable and lasting by using recycled cotton.

OhSevenDays – a brand founded in Istanbul, they reuse extra left over and wasted fabric from fast fashion brands to make its products. The company is dedicated to using recycled and renewable material.


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