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What Is Life Without Money?

Money vs Happiness

Although money can't buy happiness, the things that it can buy will make you happy. It'll provide a more pleasant form of misery by protecting you from things that may make you unhappier.

"Do what makes you happy"

'Doing' makes us happier than 'having'. Money can fund the material objects that we all dream of having; although owning a handbag lasts longer than playing in the park with friends, it's only a matter of time until the handbag fades into the background and the joy of owning it is gone. We will never be satisfied despite being grateful, we will always want something new - especially with trends continuously changing. Even a normal family with a steady income who have never struggled financially will always want more.

The memories created from spending time with your loved ones will last a lifetime; these memories can be savoured and cherished; these memories will fill your heart... money cannot buy this.

There is only so much enjoyment that can be experienced for free, this can be hindered by your bank balance; your financial situation can prevent you from being happy. Have you ever been forced to stay at home while everyone else went out simply because your bank account wouldn't allow you to participate in those plans? As a student in this cost of living crisis, this has happened in the past and I anticipate it will happen many more times in the future since we must budget our money, prioritising the essentials over the luxuries and the necessities above the frills. Money provides basic needs, can we truly be happy if we cannot even afford these necessities?

Happiness is the same price as red bottoms

When you've had a long week at work, a day full stress or even a minor inconvenience, it's always nice to treat yourself because "you deserve it". The stress, the sadness, the anxiety: all feelings that create a sense of powerlessness and helplessness. Retail therapy serves as a distraction, aids in restoring this power, gives you a sense of increased control. Retail therapy is a form of self-care, bringing happiness and enhancing general wellbeing. Indulge in retail therapy, indulge in self-care.

Regardless of how many material objects money can buy, you can never truly be happy solely on the basis of materialism, consumerism alone will never be enough to fulfil genuine happiness. Fortunately, money not only buys the material things but also gives us access to the things we love most and provides a means to the things we value in life - free time, a peace of mind, a sense of purpose. How would we be able to make the most out of our leisure time without money? Even though you might like to spend your free time resting, where is the fun in that? Money gives us the opportunity to maximise our abilities and talents, it can finance any hobbies we may enjoy, and it opens up a wider selection of activities for us to partake in as opposed to just the free things in life. You can integrate that peace of mind by worrying less about financial obligations when you have money as well as providing the independence you need in order to feel a sense of purpose.

The best things in life are free

"Money is numbers and numbers never end. If it takes money to be happy, your search for happiness will never end"

Happiness cannot be bought, so it is important to practise gratitude and contentment with what you have. Once you learn to be content with what you have, you will realise that happiness comes from within and that if you rely on money for your happiness you cannot ever be happy for real. While having money doesn't guarantee happiness, it doesn't prevent you from being happy either and you can still be happy without it. Without money you will be able to value what really matters in life because money is a distraction from what we really enjoy, the more time you spend working to make money, the less time you have to spend on yourself, with your family, your friends, and loved ones, doing the things you actually enjoy. Since money can't buy time, once it's gone, it's gone forever - you can never get it back.

The same problems that money can resolve are the same problems that wouldn't be present if money didn't exist. If everything in life was free then people would be happier as there would be less tension, stress and crime because the desire for money tempts people to do the wrong things - desperate means call for desperate measures.

A life with no money means no motivation as there will be nothing to strive for, careers would not matter and everyone would have equal control, there would be less division as individuals would not be classified by their wealth status. It would alter the perspectives of many people.

"Money can't buy happiness but happiness needs money"

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