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What Is Fast Festival Fashion? Why You Should Care!

We've all heard of fast fashion. But around festival season when the sun comes out, along with the glitter box and eye sequins, we seem to ignore it. After the past year, everybody is itching to get out in their best outfit and fill up their empty Instagram feed.

But what are the reasons and consequences of this lapse in environmental awareness, and how can you change for the better?

The Harmful Mental Reasoning for Fast Festival Fashion

Over the past few months, we've all been locked inside and want to go out, show off, and have fun. So the social pressures to emerge from a self-isolated winter in your best new on trend outfit, have never been bigger.

Whether it be for your own satisfaction, likes, or fear of not fitting in, the best way to help the environment is ignore these pressures. This will stifle the fashion industries ever-growing carbon emission pollution. Be comfortable in what you have, and be confident in your adherence to environmental awareness.

However, Censuswide found that, “One in four of those surveyed would feel embarrassed wearing an outfit to a special occasion more than once". Therefore, it is difficult to ignore these harmful social pressures which can help the environment in the long term, and also your own mental health.

As we come out of the lockdown, and begin spending more than we'd like to admit because of our new found freedom, the temptations of fast festival fashions cheap clothing may appear to be a good idea.

Notorious brands such a PrettyLittleThing dragging prices down to as low as 8 pence for a dress last Black Friday. Soon festival clothing sales on all the mainstream cheap brands will be flooding your inbox and notifications soon.

However, with fast fashion making up 10% of the global carbon emissions each year, it's time we think of the planet before ourselves this summer.

So What Can You Do to Change This Festival Season?

If you're finding the urge to splurge £200 on a weekend of outfits never to be worn again too enticing, then here's a few things you can do:

  1. Purchase from second hand vintage or thrift shops

Personally, I find this the most rewarding and satisfying. Delving into a thrift shop's racks upon racks of clothes, unsure of what you'll find is exhilarating. A cool vintage flannel to throw on top of your old reliable denim shorts or a flowy summer dress to bring out your inner Coachella can be found at cheap prices, and go a long way to saving the environment. Bargain! As the wise Macklemore once said:

"I'm gonna pop some tags, only got twenty dollars in my pocket." Macklemore, 'Thrift Shop' (2012)

2. Re-wear what you have

Is last summer's trendy collection bogging your wardrobe down? Shake it up and re-wear what you can! There are millions of inspirational blogs and pictures on Instagram and Pinterest to aid you in letting your imagination run wild.

Also, re-wearing outfits and clothes not only saves the environment, but also the bank balance. You'll also find some fantastic looks you never even thought of! Shake up what you thought was possible this summer and re-wear and re-work your old clothes and festival outfits.

3. Swap and borrow with friends and family

The stigma of 'hand me downs' needs stopping. Sharing and swapping clothes enhances your style and expands the range of what you wear. Those cream Levis' cargos your mate has been wearing, swap them with a Timberland shirt perfect for the breezy summer look.

This small tactic makes a big difference on the environment and you might find a look from your friend you'd never even thought of. (Just make to sure ask first!)

4. Re-purpose what you have

The scariest until last. Some of us may be afraid to attack our wardrobes with a pair of scissors and a sewing machine. However, trust me. Don't knock it until to you try it! Those old jeans you hate can easily become the perfect pair of shorts for Glasto; that horrible funky looking shirt that you wore two years ago to a fancy dress party, a new bandana.

Take your time and look around on the internet for tutorials and help guides. The best time to start re-purposing for the environment and your cluttered wardrobe, is now!

So, You've Done All You Can. What Now?

Now you're ready to enjoy the festival season kitted out in your new outfit re-purposed, swapped, borrowed and thrift shopped. The climate crisis only getting worse. With the fashion industry playing an ever increasing role then education on these matters cannot be understated.

Check out this article from Mindless for more information on fast fashion and how to avoid it.


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