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What Fashion Brands Are Doing to Protect Our Ocean

Firstly, what is actually going on in our oceans? Well, it’s no surprise that there is a real worry and fear of what damaging effects we have already done. They’re clogged with plastic, other debris, and are overfished. Us as humans are destroying their ecosystem and polluting the waters.

Statistics show that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the seas! It’s so heartbreaking seeing the damaging effects caused by our selfishness. When we look at how much plastic is in our ocean and how many animals in the sea are consuming it, we need to take serious action – just to take one frightening statistic – over 90% of sea turtles have been found to have plastic inside them.

Where is the plastic coming from?

Not everybody is educated on the pollution of plastic and how to effectively and correctly recycle. Once plastic is in the ocean it decomposes very slowly, creating micro plastics which is incredibly harmful to all sea life.

The three main ways plastic is entering the ocean is from; littering, throwing plastic in the bin when it can be recycled, and products going down the drain such as wet wipes or cotton buds. Even though you make think you are being sustainable and recycling, some products might be missed, which could really help and avoid that extra plastic in the ocean.


Fashion retailers such as ASOS operate 100% online, meaning that their customers will receive their plastic mailbags via the post, and on average the brand uses around 71 million mailbags a year. This is a major consumption towards the plastic in our oceans and that’s why ASOS has set their aims high on an ongoing sustainability journey by becoming members of the Ellen MacArthur Plastics Economy.

This journey consists of 100% of plastic packaging to be reusable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025. ASOS will do this by removing all non-recyclable plastic from their brand. So, the impact this will have on our oceans is huge, as all customers purchasing from ASOS can confidently recycle all their packaging knowing they are not damaging the oceans further.


TALA is a fairly new sustainable fashion brand, with all their items of clothing created from certified recycled materials and all their plastic packaging 100% recyclable. TALA sell a wide range of gym clothing and loungewear at an affordable price.

It’s so exciting to see a fresh brand with new ideas. Even the tags attached to the items of clothing can be planted as they are filled with seeds! It puts customers at ease knowing their money is being spent on helping save the oceans and environment, rather than destroying it.


It seems to be many more fashion brands are on board with their customers desire to shop more sustainably, and one brand that really stood out was Wolven. When shopping on their website, in the description of each item it states how many recycled bottles that specific item of clothing is made from.

This really inspires and motivates their customers to shop more wisely, educating themselves to think more conscientiously. For every order made on the Wolven website, over one pound of ocean-bound plastic is collected.

Change in attitude?

More, now then ever, it’s so important to protect our ocean and to focus on the future. Working towards these goals of changing how we all live and how we carelessly over-consume.

“I think we are changing our habits, and the world is waking up to what we’ve done to the planet.” David Attenborough

The fashion industry has made a start on beginning to protect our ocean, reduce waste, and tackle sustainability.

More and more brands are getting involved, and the actions being taken to save our ocean look gather more momentum each day.


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