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Virtual Red Carpet: An Inspiring Future for Fashion?

Red Carpet events such as The Grammy and Brit Awards have this year turned virtual. Renowned for celebrity and VIP style, the events now have a new take due to Covid-19. Celebrities still looked fabulous though, even with no official red carpet.

Instead they used Zoom interviews and posted photos on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter to showcase their looks.

How the Red Carpet became popular?

Award ceremonies such as The Golden Globes and The Oscars, receive a huge amount of media coverage every year. As a result, this makes them highly important to fashion designers. Usually journalists and photographers attend these events ready to capture celebs as they walk the red carpet.

This year has been extremely different as red carpet fashion took to a whole new level. Due to the current pandemic all events are now virtual via Zoom calls and on social media. Celebrities showcase their looks on these platforms instead of outdoors on the red carpet.

Celebrities are massive influencers who gain followers because of the way they look and how they dress, and are used to promote designers and fashion labels that become bigger everyday. Designers then use the red carpet to promote themselves by doing deals with the glamorous stars.

Any celebrity can rock up in a dress and make it worth a fortune. Grabbing so much media attention, means the designers make more money.

How successful is Red Carpet Fashion?

For decades red carpet events have had a significant impact on the world of fashion, but have this past years events been just as successful? The Red Carpet Fashion Awards posts celebrity styles and latest fashion news for everyone. All the red carpet fashion coverage you need is on there, from where to buy celebrity looks and all the latest fashion news.

The feeling of knowing things are going to be different gives us more excitement. With people thinking; how will they do it? What will they wear? Where will the carpet be? Although there was no carpet at this years Critics Choice Awards, the stars still grabbed as much attention on social media posts and critics still continued with their jobs.

If anything, more thought and planning went into the virtual event, as participants had to decide on backdrops for showcasing outfits. Amanda Seyfried for example, wore a sparkling outfit with a tuxedo twist, whilst standing on a red chalked path (to mimic the red carpet).

Other stars including Ashley Park and Lily Collins went for floral, greenery backdrops. The missing red carpet was not too much of a downfall as photos made them still look fabulous, giving off serious photographic fashion vibes.

Are these Virtual Events more Inspiring?

Not everyone in the world gets to walk the red carpet, however, the virtual carpet could be done by absolutely anyone. We live in a world run by social media and we post pictures of everything that excites us.

Some look at celebrities and want to be them, they see all the fancy places they go to, all the events they attend. Due to the Pandemic though, these celebrities can only do the same as us. They have no carpet to walk on and neither do we. Why do we look up to celebs when we can spend time working on ourselves.

Many men and women suffer with their mental health, and a big issue is body image. People only dream of fame, ruining their own mind by believing they are not good enough. Something so big and renowned has all of a sudden been brought down to this social media level and people still love it. Do people feel better seeing these events being done at home?

These socially distanced remote events have been a success due to production management and a lot of planning. The red carpet events this year have changed so much but has it changed for the better? Showing viewers how to accomplish looking glamourous without the red carpet could have a huge impact on the fashion world and people’s mental health.

More people might want to try this at home because of feeling inspired by these virtual events, which would boost sales in other fashion brands. Halle Berry posted on Instagram saying “Looking for a red carpet moment”, with a photo of her outside her house wearing a Christian Siriano dress from the all-recycled collection.

There was no red carpet event as reason for posting this, she just felt like it. So why not get glammed up and take extremely fashionable photographs outside like Halle?

“Backyards are the new red carpet – haven’t you heard?” Vogue 2021


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