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Top 10 gender bending fashion brands of 2020

In celebration of LGBTQIA history month, we’ve created our top 10 gender bending fashion brands to look out for in 2020.

But first things first, are you a gender bender?

A gender bender is a person who disrupts, or “bends”, our stereotypical gender roles. Gender bending is sometimes a form of social activism undertaken to destroy rigid gender roles and defy sex-role stereotypes. With society swiftly evolving, fashion will follow!

Us IGen’s, are refusing to accept the social norms. We’re stripping back the stereotyping of genders. There is so much more awareness of gender fluidity, and brands have had to embrace it.

Coming from an Irish background, I grew up with the traditional women and men’s roles. Women stuck to the cooking and cleaning, whilst men ‘wore the pants’. It Is amazing to see the acceptance and change in society!

Here’s our top 10 gender bending fashion brands of 2020:

Nicopanda is at number one, for their huge success. The label has numerous collaborations with celebrities such as Ariana Grande. The line has also made connections with brands such as Urban Outfitters, Selfridges and Champion. Nicopanda is known for its’ edgy, colourful and streetwear look!

This clothing line describes itself as modern, focusing on unisex, casual but edgy pieces. Vibrant colours with a lot of polo shirts and tracksuit pants! What is not to love?

Toogood was started by two English sisters Faye and Erica in 2013. Alongside clothing, they also sell home-ware, furniture, retail design and residential design.

“Is that size a man’s size or a woman’s size? It’s irrelevant now. We now know that gender-specific clothing is irrelevant for this generation.”

This is an independent, emerging fashion brand. The designers break down women’s and menswear without losing style! Their gender-neutral suiting collection was recently featured in Highsnobiety. WWD has said One DNA is leading the unisex trend! 

5. Rad Hourani

Rad Hourani is at number 5! Hourani is not only a designer, but an activist artist and film director. He has a keen interest in neutrality and celebrates humanity. He believes non-conformity and individuality is key. His clothing line is mostly dark colours, with oversized coats and chunky glasses!

This brand is all about seeing things in a different perspective. They design with an experimental approach. The label visualises asymmetric shapes whilst bridging the gap between individualism and convention. If you’re looking something completely different this is the clothing line to browse!

Jacquline Loekito is one of our new gender bending brands. The label was established in 2018. Jacqueline focuses on the vision of men and women sharing clothing from their wardrobes! Her main colours are pastels, and pinks. Popularising the colour for both men and women.

No Matter Your Gender Love Unites Us

Calvin Klein has been a hit for the last 25 years with no signs of stopping. We go crazy for the logo. It’s designed to be seen. It confers status and wealth and is totemic of its wearer’s tribe from metrosexual, to lad to hip-hop to mass-market.  

Eckhaus Latta express their label with bold red, white and black prints. And a lot of stripes! The brand can be found in luxurious stores across the globe such as Dover Market and Galeries Lafette in Paris. Mike Eckhaus the designer explains ‘we relate to gender identity a little less aggressively. It’s less binary and I think that’s something we have always felt attuned to.’

And at no. 10 is Rich Mnisi – a South African based brand portraying contemporary youth today. It is inspired by fashion, music, and art. The milorho 19 collection in particular is absolutely out of this world. It stands out from the crowd with its gorgeous colour palette, hats and silhouettes.


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