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Tips For Making Money With Fashion

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Fashion Influencing

Are you in need of some extra cash? Do you have a passion for fashion? Do you spend a lot of time on social media? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, keep reading to find a few tips and tricks on how to turn your passion into a source of income.

Sell used clothes online

If you have clothes or accessories that you no longer wear, sell them! There is no point in holding on to items that you no longer use. By selling online you can repurpose your items which reduces fast fashion, whilst also making money! It's a win-win situation! There are many re-selling platforms to use, such as; Vinted, Depop, Facebook Marketplace, eBay, and more. From personal experience, having used all four of these options, Vinted is the best option as it has no selling fees and postage is sorted by the buyer. This means there is no risk of getting less money for postage than it is going to cost (a common issue I had with Depop) and all profits go to you! Vinted also has an option to 'bump' your items, for a small fee, your items will come up as the first result when people search the selling platform!

Rent out pricey pieces

With the large growth of social media influencing, it is becoming increasingly popular to have expensive clothing and accessories. If you already have a flash and pricey wardrobe or have some starting capital, you could start a clothing and accessories rental business to earn some money. An example of this is Reweare Me. You could start with a small variety of pieces, and build the rental wardrobe as you grow. If starting your own business isn't your forte, but you still want to rent out your flashy pieces, companies like HURR can do it for you!

Start your own handmade business

If you have a talent for making your own unique clothing or are even a beginner in making clothing and would love to learn how to use a sewing machine, start making handmade pieces to sell to the public! Handmade clothing brands are extremely popular now and there isn't enough to go around! Brands have gone viral for their handmade products, such as All From Fern with their disco boxer shorts! Just think of how much money has been generated from this! Another brand of which I have personally made a purchase from is Maddy Seamark. She uses recycled clothing to make her unique, stunning pieces. Due to her using recycled clothing, few pieces are the same and so when purchasing you can guarantee no one will have a piece like yours! This means her clothing pieces are sustainable and exclusive. Her niche is sure to rake in some money. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a sewing machine and start making some money!

Become a fashion influencer

If you spend a lot of time on social media or enjoy sharing and creating your own content, why not become a fashion influencer? You can make money from sharing your fashion on social media in a few ways, such as posting your outfits on 21 Buttons, where each purchase generated from your link earns you a commission. Another example to make some money through commission is by generating your unique links through Stylink to share on your Instagram stories and other socials. An added bonus of pursuing this route is that if brands love your content, they may want to work with you, meaning they will pay you to promote their products on your socials, and may even give you free products! Earning AND saving on products you would buy anyway - sounds amazing right?!


Another (smaller scale but less time-consuming) way of making money in fashion is reselling. You can do this by entering draws to purchase items that are going to sell for more, or buying items on 'drops'. The current trends include brands such as Adanola, Sisters & Seekers, Ugg, and Nike, which usually resell for a fair markup due to the demand for the products. However, this method is less likely to bring you a regular source of money, so be sure to bear that in mind.

Start your own brand

If you love fashion but aren't seeming to find the pieces you want, or have some designs yourself that you would like to bring to life, other consumers may feel the same! Find a wholesaler or another clothing provider that you can work with, create a website, and get started making your own brand and provide for the consumers who also can't find the pieces they want! Lots of smaller brands such as StyleHub UK are doing increasingly well due to the power of social media. The possibility of money-making is endless and you never know where the growth of your business could take you!

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