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The 'Sexy Young Woman'

How Women are still Fighting for Sexual Liberation

A woman with her fist punching in the air.

It’s 2023 and the appeal for 'sexy young women' is stronger than ever, our modern world society faces the fight of sexual liberation and the hard-hitting stigma.

The Modern Day Trap

Why do we still feel the stigma? Is it due to the modern-day pressures that surface us – Do I need plastic surgery to look good? – Do I need to edit my face before I post on social media? Do I need curves to be the latest trend? Do big bums’ fit fashion right now?

The pressure is rising, and we are the ones the young females that must rise to fit within society all while being the young sexy women that everyone desires. The stigma is still there, and the normalization of the sexual revolution is becoming less …. God, forbid we discuss these hot topics!

So why are we still fighting now? The sexual revolution has broken the stigma in some respects and as feminists we are becoming more aware of our own desires. Many current marketing campaigns support the empowerment of women, and we now see contraception and the pill as accessible. But let's not forget the never-ending shame around the morning-after pill, which is still present, the awkwardness we feel when asking for a choice of our own and the shame we still bare. Society has hot social influences pressuring us to take unrealistic lifestyle choices to keep up with the never-ending appearance of being the sexy individual, but clone of one another and individual identity is becoming a crisis. This clone identity this social form of beauty. Who are we creating this for? Our sexual partner?

Male Vision

As a woman, male vision is very much still a huge involvement that plays in sex. Yes, society has become more increasingly aware through our feminist fights that Sex is not just a male pleasure. But the stigma is still there? Contraception is both something you and your partner can take on board, but it still feels as though the male pleasure is due to our hormonal intake to prevent any unwanted pregnancy and it becomes a big deal if you say otherwise!

Contraception is the least of our worries though! If we look perfect keep up with the latest ideal women look, we are deemed enough in the eyes of our partners. How come modern society is still trapped?

The footfall is the younger generation and who are we to blame when young males are being fed unrealistic views of the woman and sex is available more than ever. The Redlight District in Amsterdam is still promoting prostitution to men tourists and being a must see sightseeing hot spot. The never-ending sex appeal to the target audience of men, many women still stand in red windows offering sexual services. But where are the Male prostitutes? where is the sex appeal for us women or are we left to compete and be a sexy version of each other or accept its ok for our male partners to utilize these services and turn a blind eye? How much further have we become in society yes, we argue we are freer and more open to discuss our sexuality and our wants and needs, but are we free to openly discuss them or are they becoming more demolished?

Our Voice

Netflix current release of ‘Sex life’ is providing the voice and clarity us women need through showing us its ok to have multiple sexual partners and our sexual pleasure as women is valid. The current trending program makes us question our burning thoughts around sex and whether we as women are being satisfied as much as we make our partner. A sex therapist perspective suggests ….

This series suggests it's okay for us women to break this stigma, but other than Netflix and our guilty binging of the show who is our voice. As women we only have each other and in a society like today instead of competing and tearing each other down we need to uplift and fight the sexual liberation together.

A quote

As a group, being the voice we are, we are the sexy women that shape society and no one can tell us otherwise! Us women standing together being untied are enough to make that impact, staying true to ourselves and knowing we are enough is the only way forward. It is time to unite and break the stigma!

Well behaved Women Don't Make History!


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