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The Pleasure Revolution Needs You!

The Pleasure Revolution is here and it's time to take back what makes you feel good!

Content Warning: This article discusses topics of sex, relationships, and sexuality, which may be uncomfortable for some readers.

Couple Embracing
Tim Samuels - Pexels

The World Association for Sexual Health conveys that sexual pleasure is ''the physical and/or psychological satisfaction and enjoyment derived from shared or solitary erotic experiences, including thoughts, fantasies, dreams, emotions, and feelings''.

Where did The Pleasure Revolution come from?

Between the 1960's and 70's The Sexual Liberation challenged long-established views on sexuality and sexual relationships. The discussion around sex and sexuality became much more open, causing topics like masturbation, non-martial sex, contraception and pornography to not be viewed as taboo.

The Pleasure Revolution branches from the liberation of sex, as although there is a much larger conversation happening around sex and sexuality, many people still struggle to know or be open about what pleasures them. This revolution urges people to claim pleasure as a personal right and a ''self-determined experience''. The primary focus is to encourage you to get to know your body, your genitals, and explore what makes you feel good.

Also awareness is brought to the fact that sex and pleasure is not limited to couples or heterosexual people, it is for all people and accessible by all people. The Pleasure Revolution has inspired many products targeted at sexual pleasure, such as accessible sex toys for disabled individuals to help them enhance their sex lives.

There's no pleasure without U

Pleasure comes in all forms, not just sexual, and so the revolution highlights the importance of loving yourself, being kind to yourself and others to create a more loving and accepting world. Self-love is so important to leading a positive and happy life, and provides us with empowerment and confidence to take risks. Loving yourself can help to reduce people pleasing behaviour, as you are more aware of your own needs and can say no more confidently.

Take pride in what makes you feel pleasure whether it's sex, eating your favourite meal, reading erotica or just watching a funny movie! Love yourself and love what makes you feel good - there's no room for guilt or shame! In the words of Ru Paul, ''If you can't love yourself, then how you gonna love somebody else?''.


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