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The Marketing of 'Sexbots'


In this article, we will talk about sexbot implications and marketing. Design to respond to human feelings and physical demands. The design of sex robots changed the world of sexual activities and creates a different view of robots. We will look at how much impact sex robots have on our lives, and companies’ investment in the product such as ABB Ltd, YASKAWA Electric Corporation, Cognex Corporation, and EKSO. Some people might be blind and not identify sexbots' as a tread to society, but sex robots are harmful. The article also explains the psychological damage and its affected on relationships, it is sexual violence creating a harmful stereotype on women and oppresses males.


Companies around the world continue to invest millions in sexbots despite the concerns about sex robots. “Arguably one of the most lifelike dolls being developed, the HarmonyX by RealDoll, a leader in sex robot development, is fully customizable from her hair down to her private parts” says MF Williams, sex robot is still new on the market but still attracts companies, one of those companies is Realbotix, which is a subsidiary of Abyss Creations. The company manufactures a product called “RealDoll”, a sex robot designed to feel and look like a real person. Customization of sexbots is another reason why sexbots' value is high in the industry “Exoskeletons resolve unique customer challenges in rehabilitation, allowing people to rethink their current physical limitations. Lightweight assist devices for industrial workers will help achieve mobility, strength, or endurance not otherwise possible” says MF Williams. As we all know sexbots' primary features are to interact in a personality and emotional way with humans, so various. Companies make profits depending on different customization and different programming. This customization is divided into different phases such as actions and sexual scenarios action, which makes it attract more customers to the virtual world. With, this lowers interaction with human partners and that can could lead to separation, divorce, and family feuds. Due to the easy access is another big selling point on the market. “The company’s focus on innovation includes extensive work in artificial intelligence, an ecosystem of digital partnerships, and the expansion of production and research capabilities through a $150-million investment in a new world-class robotics factory in Shanghai” says MF Williams, many companies purposely program sexbots' with simple control and intuitive feature. Simple control such as any location, time, and place, gives customers full access to the product. Some customers experience activities that might not happen during a human-to-human interaction, “Robotics companies continue to see increased opportunities due to the COVID pandemic replacing jobs that humans once performed. It is generally accepted that robotics will continue to see increased usage in a wide range of capacities across various industries” says MF Williams, they receive their satisfaction through sexbot and experience less complication.


Although sexbots are designed with safety and excellent features, concerns around the product are still on a rise. Firstly, these sexbots dehumanize women, some are designed using woman's features to be submissive and complaint. This is harmful and creates a stereotype of misogyny. And secondly, it develops an addiction and bad behaviour around the customers. Due to rapid sexual gratification, customers have replaced human sexual intercourse, with sex bots which have decreased human sexual interaction leading to psychological damage to customers. Empathy also plays a role in the lack of human physical touch and affects intimacy in relationships. The emotional attachment to one another is important and could potentially fade away in such cases. The reciprocation of emotional intimacy from humans by sexbots provides an escape for people and creates an unrealistic exaptation in relationships. One of the reasons people are not seeking out and choose to invest in Sexbot instead.

In conclusion, Awareness, and discussion around the Marketing of sexbots are not talked enough in communities around the world, leading to major problems such as divorce, family separations, break up, and suicide. Sexbots are harmful devices marketized by major companies and not carefully monetarized leading to permanent damage to our mental health. The public needs to be aware of the harm and danger behind sexbots. We must look for solution instead of investing into a device we know little about.


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