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The life of festival fashion

Festivals are a full-on experience with crowds battling rain, mud and inadequate toilets, but it did not allow a sense of style to be lost. Festivals are known for the unique fashion style that has been adapted over the years.

With society changing, so is the fashion world. Festivals are all about expression and individuality and this can be seen in styles today.

The birthplace, 1969, Woodstock.

“Woodstock was a spark of beauty” Joni Mitchell

The most memorable festival to be held, this is the festival that tops all festivals. Woodstock was the birthplace of fashion festival. From Moo to Music, half a billion people stood on what was a dairy farm to the land of peace dressed in fringed clothing, accessorised by bells, and the embracing the iconic denim look, it was a boho hippie dream. The three-day festival allowed people to celebrate unity and peace and we can see how the expression of fashion has been kept alive in todays festival world.

The fashion of Woodstock has formed the DNA of all festival fashion. Anti- bras and anti shoes. Before we freed the nip, they freed the breasts and feet. Denim-clad, flower-crowned people, dancing in the mud, it was a time of freedom.

It championed the hippie trail: fabrics that could be found while backpacking, tapestries transformed into sarongs with a knot; napkins tied into halter necks tops; colours and patterns that mapped out the search for enlightenment through cultures and communes, it was breath of fresh air.

1995, Glastonbury

New Genre, New fashion! The year of 1995 the genre of EDM blew up in clubs, bars, and festivals. With the new music upload, there was a new fashion upload! The classic hippie look did not fit the style of EDM, and new styles was introduced! Matching the style of the music played at the festivals: space buns, neon colours, bright patterns and low rise bottoms were a big trend.

2005, Kate Moss

Kate Moss kept the festival fashion alive. Bringing new looks to the world mixing the rocker look, boho chic and ‘a whatever attitude’, it has inspired the festival fashion look to consist of hunter wellies paired with booty shorts making this the iconic festival tradition. The 2005 Glastonbury Festival, Kate Moss strutted the fields in a gold mini dress paired with a knee length wellington boot.


Festival fashion today can be seen to be a whole mix of the fashion seen since the birth. Brands such as ASOS, Boohoo etc, have now created sections dedicated to festivals. Boohoos’ section for festivals is extremely diverse and a whole range of styles can be seen.

From punk, to bright glittered, to neon and plenty of tie dye there is now a whole range that can be worn to show a persons personality.


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