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The Importance of Men's Mental Health

Mental health refers to our emotional, psychological, and social well-being, all of which are key components to an individual's overall well-being. Over recent years, the awareness of men's mental health has vastly increased, despite this, some people still look past Men's mental health and there is still a remaining stigma around the subject.

Why is men's mental health still ignored?

One of the main reasons why men's mental health is still ignored is due to societal norms and the expectations of men. Men are expected to be very tough and mentally strong and to not present any sign of them being vulnerable. Due to this, most men will choose to avoid expressing any negative emotion as they may be shamed or looked down upon. The term 'man up' is used quite frequently which can lead to men refusing to express their emotions and seeking help if they are struggling with mental health which can result in an increase in anxiety and depression.

Importance of mental health

The mental health of a person is something that should constantly be paid attention to for multiple reasons but the main one being that it can be life-threatening if someone who suffers with mental health issues is not cared for. Globally, suicide is most common in men, the majority of which connect to mental health issues. 77% percent of all suicides are by males and in 2022, there were 16.8 suicide deaths per 100,000 males. This may be because the stigma surrounding men's mental health deters them from speaking out and seeking help, making them think that suicide is their only option. Men that suffer with their mental health can also experience negative times as they may resort to the abuse of harmful substances which can lead to them losing jobs, friendships and relationships so it is extremely important that they seek help in order to improve their mental health.

Another reason why men's mental health is important and that it shouldn't be ignored is because mental health issues can result in physical health issues. Studies over recent decades show that individuals with mental health problems can have a worse immune system, making them more susceptible to infections and illnesses. Also, if the mental health issues are severe, it can lead to substance abuse which can have serious physical implications such as liver disease and heart disease.

“Men suffer a lot behind the mask of manliness.” —Vineet Aggarwal.

Possible solutions

To bring more attention to men's mental health and prevent it from being ignored, the stigma around men's mental health needs to be eliminated. Everyone needs to help men understand that there is nothing wrong with speaking out about how they feel and they should be encouraged to express any emotion in the way that they want. More needs to be done to reduce the shame a man feels after they show signs of vulnerability and more support needs to be put in place.

Another potential solution is to educate more younger and older people about the problems and the stigmas surround men's mental health. More people in today's society need to understand that people who suffer with mental health are not weak, and it is very brave of a man to seek help and support when he is struggling. This could be done by mandatory workshops being put into place in schools and places of work to help people of all ages gain knowledge on the problems men face.

In conclusion, the mental health of any individual should be taken seriously and paid attention to, especially men. Men's mental health is something that is often ignored in today's society by many people due to the stigma that men should not show signs of weakness or vulnerability and that they need to 'man up'. To help the problem, more people need to be educated about men's mental health and how to identify signs that someone is struggling. This will help to reduce the stigma around the subject and encourage more and more men to look for help when they need it which could potentially save their lives.


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