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The Importance of Choosing What Feels Right for you

By willsantt | @pexels

Living life to the fullest potential

From the youngest age, we are taught what is right and what is wrong, how we should behave, what we should do and how we should live our life the ‘right’ way. Often happens that people feel trapped in in their own skin because of the expectations that they thought they should live up to. The expectations of others, which usually have nothing to do with them and their happiness.

We are being taught that the right way to live our life is to go to school, then to the university, then find a partner, get married, buy a house, and have kids. Work the same job you hate until you can finally retire. For some, this is fulfilling and seems like a successful life. But for others it is definition of a nightmare. The constant pressure from others, the expectations that don’t even match your own idea of happiness can really get to you. It might even feel like our life has been decided for us, before we were even able to make the decision ourselves.

Many times, we can see that people are unhappy with their career and life decisions, however, they decide to stay in the situation because they studied for it, their family wouldn’t be happy if they changed, or they are in their comfort zone now, that leaving feels worse than staying.

What they do not know is that, staying in the situation that makes you unhappy, makes your life miserable. Soon you realize that your unhappiness affects your relationships – whether it is a romantic relationship, friendship, or your family relations. They all are going to be affected in one way or another.

By Bekka Mongeau | @pexels

So, how to overcome the crippling feeling?

1. Find the core of the problem

Firstly, you need to find out what is causing you feeling unhappy. Is it work? Is it where you live? Is it your relationship? After you figured out what it is, you can start taking the necessary steps.

2. What it is that you truly want

Okay, so you found out what the problem is. Now you also need to decide what it is that you truly want. Would you want to make more money? Maybe have a bigger house? Or maybe to live a peaceful life in the jungle. The decision is yours, make sure you made it yourself.

According to ForbesThe bottom line is that the most important life decisions come down to gut instinct backed by self-study and life experience

3. The plan

After finding out the core of the problem and deciding what exactly you want, you can make necessary plan. Decide, what steps would help you to get closer to your goal. What exactly you need to do in order to achieve it.

4. Don’t make impulsive decisions

Changing your life is not an easy task. There is no right and wrongs. Make sure that you thought it through.

5. Start doing

Lastly, start working towards the goal. Small steps everyday are better than no steps at all. Even though it might seem to you that the steps you are taking are not getting you anywhere, remember that in 365 days you will have 365 small steps done, to be closer to the life you really desire.

All in all, living life to your true self is not easy. From when we are kids, there is constant pressure from our family, friends, and classmates.

Our comfort zone is a very comfortable place. Once you are there, it’s really hard to change anything. However, living life to your true self can have many benefits such as being a better person, have more ideas, and being genuinely happier.

‘It’s hard to let go, until you let go’.


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