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The Harsh Reality of University Life on Student's Mental Health

Going to university is an exciting and unforgettable experience, which is one of the many reasons why students choose to pursue higher education. People say that you meet friends for life and get a lot of freedom. It is basically a few years of fun and escape from living at home depending on how far you move away.

However, many people don't realise how big a commitment going to university is. The transition from school to university is quite significant. You have to adjust to living in a new city with people you do not know, learn how to shop for yourself, balance university work, and many more.

Students and mental health

Many people who leave school are understandably still dependent on their parents for many things, and these students are likely to find it difficult to adjust, especially in their first few months of university. Some students are more independent than others and so, they may already be familiar with doing chores such as doing the laundry and this makes it easier for them to balance university life.

This is where student mental health comes in. As a student, you may find yourself struggling to balance your university work, socialising, and doing chores. This can be very overwhelming, especially if you do not manage your time well. This has led to many students dropping out in their first year of university.

Something needs to be done to make people aware of what university is actually like as many students apply to university and end up regretting it because of the lack of knowledge they have of it. Students struggling with mental health is very common in university.

The most common mental health problems for students are anxiety and depression. This can stem from a lot of things. As a university student myself, I have found university to be quite challenging at times, where I find myself getting anxious and stressed. This is mainly due to trying to balance everything well.

Balance is key to ensuring a smooth transition into university. Understanding your schedule and budgeting is the first few steps to ensure you keep a good mindset at university. You need to know when you are in lessons and when you have free time as this will help you plan your week well. You can plan things such as when to do your grocery shop and when you can work, as money is also a factor that can affect your ability to do things, which can consequently affect your mental health.

Being able to go out and have fun with your friends is a part of university life. However, this involves money. Budgeting isn't really taught firsthand to students so it is very easy to get carried away when you get your student loan.

Losing track of your schedule and budget can stress students out as they may find themselves falling behind on their assessments as well as not having enough money to buy food and necessities. This can eventually lead to mental health problems that not everyone can deal well with.

There are many aspects to consider before applying to university, and it is evident that students go into university thinking it will be the easiest thing to do however, things like budgeting your money and managing your time well are some of the many things which are necessary to ensure a good and smooth time at university.


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