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The Four Tenets of Festival Fashion

What are YOU wearing this summer?

Festival season is just beyond the horizon, and after the disaster that was summer 2020, we know you want everything to be perfect. While you’ve been busy figuring out how to set up a four-man tent or filling up your micellar water with Smirnoff, we’ve put together four essential fashion tips so you can summer in style.


If there’s one thing you can count on at a traditional British festival, it’s that you can’t count on anything. Be ready for scorching sun or torrential rain because you’ll probably get both in the span of two hours. The happy camper will always bring a foldable cagoule that fits neatly in a bag and proves essential when the inevitable happens. This secret weapon sets the day trippers apart from the hardcore fans and whilst everyone else will be left at the mercy of the elements, you’ll rest easy knowing you came prepared.

Layering is another essential aspect of festival fashion. You want an outfit that can take you from the midday heat-rave through to the slurred conversations around a campfire. A flannel shirt or varsity jumper is a timelessly cool addition to any look that won’t cramp your style if it’s tied around your waist when not needed.


This one goes without saying. No one wants to be the girl who spends her whole weekend moaning about the wellies that she didn’t have time to break in. Preparation is the key to a successful festival, and that includes making sure you can spend a whole weekend walking, dancing, and probably crawling in whatever footwear you choose. You’ve came all this way for a boogie, don’t let those size five beetle-crushers stop you now.

Instead of going for the classic pair of knee-high Hunters, why not opt for a chunky walking boot or a well-loved pair of Doc Martens? Same protection from the mud, without the mid-calf blisters.

Another word to the wise, avoid grey at all costs. Chances are, you’re going to be herded into a tent like cattle with hundreds of other sweaty festivalgoers and two-step until you can’t two-step no more. By all means enjoy yourself, just don’t fall into the trap of trusting a grey t-shirt. The perspiration is inevitable, the embarrassment is not.


We get it, you’ve been waiting all summer to wear those neon bicycle shorts with that fishnet crop top - you’ve probably spent hours discussing this very subject in your group chat. But do you really want to end up looking like an X-rated Power Ranger when every other girl turns up in the same thing?

Breaking away from convention is what festivals are all about. Just think, you’re probably never going to see 90% of these people again. If nothing else, you’ll be easier to spot in a crowd wearing something you can’t find on the ASOS homepage. Why not push the boat out with loud prints, chaotic accessories and clashing colours? Think of everything you wish you could wear on a night out if it wasn’t for the dirty looks, and turn it up to eleven.


There are three types of festivals for three types of girls; the Reading Rebel, the Witch of Worthy View, and the Boomtown Bombshell. In short, indie, boho and rave. Whichever category you fall into, enjoy that feeling of being in the right place at the right time.

Nothing beats walking barefoot through the fields of Glastonbury Festival looking like Florence Welch and Stevie Nicks’ lovechild. Or maybe you prefer the dulcet sounds of drum and bass that vibrate through your entire being and shake those flame-shaped sunglasses off your bleached head? Or perhaps you’re more comfortable sacrificing yourself to the festival gods in a fifty person mosh pit whilst rocking that vintage band tee? Just try and translate your own personal style to fit the aesthetic of your chosen festival, and if you’re lucky, waking up in a pool of your own sick might even seem worth it.

Happy camping

Whatever you’re plans are this summer, make the most of it and look amazing while you do. God knows we’ve been waiting for it long enough.


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