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The Essentials You NEED This Festival Season.

With 2021’s festival season soon approaching it’s time to get prepared. Things will be a little bit different this year in a post pandemic world. Because of this, we’ve come up with a list of the essentials you’ll need for this festival season. Whether it’s wellington boots, vintage garms, or even Covid Safe masks, we’ve got you covered.


Let’s start with the big one, masks. Already throughout 2020 and 2021 we’ve seen some exciting and interesting mask designs. As time have gone on they’ve got bolder and bolder. No where is better to show off vibrant (and sometimes wacky) designs than festival season.

Though they might not be mandatory for these events, depending on government regulations, they have become a mainstay for current fashion. Brands such as Alice Cox Creative make bespoke masks, using lively and loud patterned fabric. They are the perfect accessory for this time of year and allow you to express yourself, and keep safe!

Big Ol’ Boots

Prepping for mud is essential! Festival season (as warm as it should be) always ends up being a muddy mess. Whether it’s from spilled beer, or surprise British weather. Wellington Boots are one of the most important investments you’ll need in preparation for mud.

They’re incredibly available but if you’re wanting sleek and well designed ones Cotswold has you covered. Available at many retailers, they come in a variety of styles. Many are just generic plain wellington boots. However they also make vibrant patterned boots appealing to those more on the adventurous side.

Hand Sanitiser Bottles

As the pandemic has gone on, reusable hand sanitiser bottles have begun to be a staple in peoples bags. They can come as belt clip-ons, keychains or just loose bottles. These radiate festival season energy and brands have begun creating iconic and memorable designs. They’re incredibly handy if you’ve got to quickly clean your hands.

Whether its pre-meal or post-mosh they always come in handy. There are a variety of independent designers creating high quality variants on Etsy. They not only look stylish, but serve a very important purpose, especially in the current climate.


Hats are brilliant during festival season for a plethora of reasons. They are great for keeping the sun out of your eyes or even the rain off your face. If you pair them with the right outfits or wear them well they can also look great. Moreover they can also hide the fact your hair might not be looking it’s best on day 3 of your festival. There’s so many different types of hat.

Your standard brimmed cap or (dad cap) are both stylish and practical as well as being easily accessible as many different brands stock their own. SCRT stock minimalist 6 panel caps with low-key embroidered designs that are the perfect addition to outfits.

If you’re after the quintessential festival look though, you’re going to want a bucket hat. Urban Outfitters always have a wide selection of bucket hats in lots of different materials and colours, meaning you’ll have no struggle finding exactly what you’re looking for.


The absolute key to success during festival season is a solid bum bag…or hip bag, or fanny pack whatever you want to call them! There is plenty on the market, the obvious choice for many being one from Eastpak. But there is so many equal to or more iconic.

Nike have always done a sublime line of small but mighty bags. However if neither of those tickle your fancy asos stock a wide variety of their own designs, as well as a multitude of high end brands. These small bags always come in handy for holding phones, plasters or other personal items especially if you’re a crowd surfing addict.

What’s great is these bags usually last absolutely ages, so you’ll be able to use them next festival season too!

Depop to the rescue

At this time of year, Depop is filled with festival ready garms. Whether it’s beater trainers your after, or full outfits there’s always someone selling what you’ll want. Buying second hand can be so much cheaper and if you’re concerned about your favourite clothes getting ruined in sweaty crowds then you don’t have to risk it.

Beater shoes are a great find at this time of year, as you can usually find stylish sneakers with enough life left in them to get you through the season.

Using Depop also helps you keep environmental as you’re not directly buying brand new!


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