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The Difficulties to Prove LGBTQ Rights "Everywhere"

In order for LGBTQ people to successfully play and battle the game by being present on part of the wider society without any fear of discrimination or embarrassment regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression, we as human beings must work to create a globe in which everyone is free, safe, protected, and equal.

“Stand with us”:

A new influx of resources to combat LBQTS RIGHS challenges:

There are many countries where LGBTQ people face obstacles, such as the denial of same-sex marriage and relationships as well as the prevalence of violence and discrimination based on who they are, but we all as individuals from all over the world need to stand, do more protest, be with them, and support them in order for them to have the identical possibilities as those of us who are not a part of this community, but still, we must stand for them to begin addressing this by providing support.

Every country should have the flexibility to show its citizens that they are human beings who may express themselves slightly differently than we do, but who nonetheless share our humanity and are entitled to the same rights.

So, lets promote this to made them equal:

By making them feel proud of their identity, we can all feel them equal in our schools, workplaces, or anywhere else. Please use the name and pronoun (he/she/they) to use how they wish.

Also, the rainbow flag outside will show that "a place is immediately welcoming," and another option is to put signs of respect at registration that state, "We respect everyone's gender identity."

Then, if anyone bullies them at school or is discriminatory at work or in any other public setting, we must also educate ourselves about them. Bullying must be prohibited, and we must also promote understanding that supports equality for those who are LGBT given that they must be aware of the extent of the injustices they suffer.

Additionally, everyone, please help them feel comfortable and secure as they decide to follow this route and become that. Encourage them to be who they are, fight for them to be equal to us, or protest wherever you live to make them as free as we are. In addition, where we live, all nations around the world should educate all of their citizens about it and enable them to live however they choose.

Love is love, therefore be kind to them. If you don't, love will always conquer because it has no gender.

Support & Love!


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