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The Brands That are Leading the Way in the Minimalist Fashion Movement

The definition of minimalism is a style in art, design, and theatre that uses the smallest range of materials and colours possible, and only simplest shapes or forms. The idea came from America in the 1960s and the early 1970s; the minimalist lifestyle is to only use things you need in life: clothes and homeware.

The introduction of fast fashion has been counteracted by the popularity of the minimalist movement, which has affected the way people see the environment with how clothing is produced.

Minimalist brands

The brand aims to build an entire wardrobe with minimalist pieces. They are committed to sustainable fabrics and responsible practices; their clothes are woven in a family-run factory in NYC and they pride themselves on having employees that have worked for over 30 years. Their sweaters are audited annually for social and environmental compliance, and it gets 70% of its energy from solar power. VETTA's sizes range from XS to XL.

This brand is a North London-based fashion that sells modern clothing that is minimal and comfortable. Plümo uses natural materials for its clothes and it works to develop clothing by working with the artisans, textile mills, with materials sourced from the UK and Europe. Plümo sizes range from XS to XL.

WAMA Underwear

An underwear company with breathable and antibacterial products, with bralettes and underwear that get softer the more they are washed, also keeping their shape and support. They stock products from triangle and raceback bralettes, to high waisted and thong underwear. And for men, they have boxer briefs and trunks. The sizes range from XS to 3XL.

This brand sells luxury products that are minimalist. The products are designed with careful consideration, making a small impact on the on the environment as possible, aiming for a greater impact on customers’ wardrobes instead. CUYANA offers sleek purses, soft sweaters. Sizes range from XS to XL.

CURATOR is minimalist brand that aims to create clothes that fit everyday people. The brand works with independent artists to help produce high-quality clothing; while trying to minimizing waste. The clothing is made up from small batch of cotton and deadstock fabrics, and the factories and the company have a close-knit relationship. CURATOR has dresses, jumpsuits, and more. The sizes range from XXS to 2XL.

Issues with the minimalist fashion movement

The minimalist fashion movement seems like a different concept that can change the way that fashion is perceived but looking at these brands that are paving the way for the movement shows that the brands lack size difference. This is a major issue as it shows that the minimalist brand have a small audience and the cost of these products are at a higher rate as minimalism begins to become more prevalent within popular culture.

Benefits of minimalism

The minimalist fashion movement benefits the environment with the economical materials being used to produce the clothes. One major issue, is that the more that people overuse fast fashion, it becomes harder for the clothing to be reused as the clothes are poorly made.

Another way that the minimalist fashion benefits the environment is that less clothes are put into landfill which will help the environment. The minimalist fashion movement benefits the environment as the production of the clothing in factories has become more ethical; as companies make sure that the factories are treating their workers correctly.

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