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Tackle Climate Change and Fill Your Pockets? All From Home!

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By Eve McFarlane Salvo

Do you remember the time you could pop into your local corner shop and come out with a

Freddo all for the mere expense of a 10 pence coin? In 2023, Freddo prices have risen to 3

times that amount and in a time of economic difficulty, chocolate isn’t the only essential to

have become unaffordable. The price of energy, fuel and anything else you need has surged

in recent years. However, this time of crisis does not stop with the economy, the

effects of climate change are also rising at rapid rates which has led to heatwaves, rising sea

levels, and the loss of animal and plant species. This is why so many are considering their

actions and deciding to implement changes into their everyday life to help to protect our

planet (and in the process, erase some digits on their bills – because who would say no to


On the other hand, being just one person in a world surrounded by 8 billion others, millions

of factories and countless powerplants, can sometimes leave you wondering if climate

action can start with just you. This makes the idea of reducing the impact of climate change

whilst saving that bit of extra cash all from home, seem as if it could just be a fairy-tale. So, let

us see if it really is possible to kill two birds with one stone (whilst helping to save them in

the process)…

Charging with less charges

contributing factors such as the pandemic. So, preservation is key and with this in mind

ensuring your home is well-insulated means you can use less energy for heating. This makes

for another great way to save those coins too – it really is a win-win! If you are really serious

about reducing your carbon footprint and have the funds for an initial investment to cut

down on your monthly bills, then switching to renewable energy sources could be the

option for you. Solar energy is a great example of how self-consumption means no longer

relying on harmful nuclear energy from the National Grid and how becoming self-reliant

eliminates monthly payments to energy providers.

Need some easier options? An even more straight-forward change to make is saying “no” to

overnight charging. Although it might seem like the more convenient option to charge your

phone and laptop overnight in preparation for the next day, the cons far outweigh the

you are not leaving your TV on standby and turning off lights when they are not needed are

easy ways to decrease your usage and all it takes is a little bit more awareness.

Who can say no to a bargain?

It really is the thought that counts. This goes without saying when it comes to gift giving,

and is there anything more thoughtful than a homemade gift? Or maybe you find a hidden

gem on the back of a shelf at your local charity shop that would make the perfect

sentimental present for your loved one’s upcoming birthday. By choosing to channel your

inner creativity or buying second-hand, you can reduce the amount of harmful effects from gift deliveries and consumerism. The best part is that changing your purchasing habits does

not need to be limited to scouting for gifts. Clothes, appliances, furniture…you name it, can

all be found pre-owned on online second-hand selling platforms and shops at a fraction of

the retail price. Nevertheless, if you are choosing to buy brand new, a little bit of research

into how sustainable the company is, can mean the difference between supporting an

unethical brand and making better choices. Lastly, when it comes to food shopping why not

take an adventure down the clearance aisles to rescue a perfectly good meal from an

impending doom - also known as landfill.

In with the new and out with the old

Recycling is another great way to make a difference right in the comfort of your home. A

spring clean can transform your house as well as your headspace and does not need to be

limited to just one season. So, why not dedicate a day to decluttering and recycling any of

your unwanted belongings. This is a great alternative to throwing away waste and

contributing to landfill. Instead, why not explore the numerous recycling schemes

offering you the chance to make back some money. For instance, in the UK there is the

opportunity to earn £5 vouchers at retailers such as H&M and Schuh, in exchange for your

preloved clothes and shoes. Or better yet, with people struggling and even more so with the

unpredictable and extreme weather that climate change has created, donating unwanted

items and clothing to those in need could make a huge difference.

clothing clothes plants box climate change recycling second hand leaves

By Eve McFarlane Salvo

Getting from a to b with an A*

a train would travelling the same distance. Not only is public transport a much more

environmentally friendly alternative to using your car but with fuel prices on the rise, due

save you money. Without a doubt, it is worth investigating schemes and discount cards in

your area that may be applicable to you, such as railcards and bus passes. More savings did I

hear? Yes please!


It is undeniable that the biggest direct impact on climate change comes from bigger powers,

such as factories, food production and powerplants. Having said this, by incorporating some

of these ideas outlined alongside making small tweaks to your daily habits, everyone is able

to do their part. Whilst making a difference for the environment, you can also reap some

financial reward. So fundamentally listening to tips results in making some tips (£)! At the end

of the day, when it comes to the environment and having that bit of extra money in your

pocket, the saying ‘every little helps’ applies to both.


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