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Sustainable Living: Veganuary All Year Round

As a society, we have become disconnected from our planet, viewing technology and our own needs above what is best for our world. Sustainability is too big for one individual and can often be seen as a job for someone else. That mindset has led the human population to pollute the earth with fossil fuels resulting in increased sea levels. This is just one small issue, there are many more. Do you think we can do better?

As human beings we have the power to evolve this magnificent planet we call our home, or we can start the downhill spiral that questions the mere future of all living creatures. We have that choice, and it is clear which is the right choice, not just for ourselves but for future generations.

Our Ocean Life

A documentary on Netflix titled ‘Seaspiracy’ takes a look into the importance of preserving our ocean life. The 2021 film, directed by Ali Tabrizi, is a documentation of the pollution that enters our oceans while also showcasing the brutality behind the fishing industry. We are probably all aware of fishing nets that pollute our waters, but some might be shocked to learn in certain Asian countries, dolphins are killed in mass numbers to increase the amount of fish collected to kill and sell. This is the hidden truth to the way our fish is caught, and while it may be certified sustainable tuna or salmon, that is not always the case.

We cannot even trust a certified statement anymore. I was always under the impression that eating meat was worse than eating fish. After this documentary, my mindset changed, and it inspired me to become a vegetarian to support the planet in a way I had never considered before.

Appreciate Our World

Climate change is an issue that does not have a set answer, but what we do know is our world, and we need to preserve it. It is easy to wish for change to happen without making minor changes in your everyday life, sometimes it can seem as if one person changing will not make a difference. One person does make a difference. Little changes such as taking time away from your phone to sit outside and read can have a massive impact on how we view our environment.

Try and do something each day that will benefit the planet; plant a tree, recycle old clothing as dishcloths, cut out single-use plastic, and buy a reusable bag. While the issue is significant, the way in which our mindset can change is small. It only requires respect and love for the world we live in. When I was a child I was always outside, playing and enjoying the weather. If no one could find me I would 98% of the time have my hand in some soil searching for worms to rescue. I want the same life for my future children, at the rate global warming is happening this future is unclear. The world is our oyster, let’s not make it out of date and unable to enjoy it.

An individual that needs no introduction, Sir David Attenborough, is an English broadcaster, biologist, natural historian, and author. David has been actively working for decades to showcase the importance of our natural world. Documentaries such as ‘Our planet’, ‘Blue planet’ and ‘A Life on Your Planet’ are a few examples of David’s contribution to climate change and education on how to live more sustainably. He has given his life to exploring all ends of the world to show us all the beauty, and in present day he is still trying to warn us about the damage we have done.

Sustainable Living

Eating one meat-free meal each week is a small change in your routine that will help the environment while also having nutritional benefits from meat substitutes such as beans, nuts, vegetables, and fruit, increasing our natural vitamins. While the focus is on our planet, it is important to take care of ourselves to increase our life span.

Scientists have proven that humanity has reached the point of no return. We have gone too long with the same filtered mindset, and our planet is paying for those actions. Our world should be filled with nature, love, and care. An awareness of how you can improve your environmental habits will positively impact the planet. It starts with you. Be the change you want to see.

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