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Sexuality - LGBTQ

Why should we respect LGBTQ?

LGBTQ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and questioning. Every gender - male or female deserves to not be judged as everyone should have the freedom of what they want to do. The people should listen, and not say rude things. LGBT people get disrespected and judged on a day to day basis. This shows that that people are not valuing that everyone is different. It is their human right, whichever sexual orientation they are. People should understand and not cause arguments. This is so you can get along with each other. We should not be judgemental. They should be treated fairly because this would be discriminating their gender. Also, the individual respects the person who they are in love with because of their personality, interests, age, marriage status, and race. Bullying an LGBT person on social media, school or in any setting is wrong. This is because their being treated unfairly due to their gender and this is discrimination that should not be happening. Being picked on for being LGBT shows that people don't show love. The impact of them being bullied or discriminated will make them not want to be there. It would reduce their self confidence as they will not want to be dealing with lots of rude comments. It could lead to mental health conditions such as stress, anxiety or depression when LGBTQ are being discriminated against their gender. They will feel anxious to post pictures or share information about the gender.

Why LGBTQ people do not post on Tick Tock?

First of all, being LGBT means experiencing lots of hate. This is because many individuals do not support LGBT. However, it doesn't give them the right to be disrespectful as everyone should be treated with respect no matter who they are. LGBT people get hate and mean comments, which discourages them to post. This would make them feel that they do not belong here. They may self harm themselves because of the hurtful comments individuals are saying. They will feel a lack of freedom because people are stopping them from posting posts about them when they are getting hate comments.

Why marriage is important for same sex?

Marriage is important for the same sex because everyone should have their right to marry who they want, regardless of gender. Marriage ids a time of celebration and enjoyment. If the law does not allow same sex marriage in some countries. This is disobeying them because it shows their rights are being taken away as they should have a choice of who to marry whether the gender or sexual orientation. The individual loves the person with the same sex because they are attracted to them. They should not be prevented to not love each other because of the law for marriage. They love each other because they spend time with each other, share same interests and love their personality. All human being rights should be met, otherwise it shows that they are living a life where their freedom is not met as they are not able to do the things they want. In this case it would be same sex marriage for LGBT people. Marriage equality is important as everyone should be treated fairly. This is because those who are opposite gender can have marriage, so it is important to respect an individual who is LGBT and let them choose what gender they want to marry. It can have an impact on same sex couples because it shows the good emotions such as love, happiness, excitement are prevented as they are being stopped by the law. This is why the law must understand that everyone has a right to freedom, and these laws should not limit an individual from not being able to marry same sex relationship as this can impact a person negatively when opposite gender can have their marriage without the LGBT same gender problem.

Marriage rights must be met for the individual. When this is not met it would be discriminating them due to their gender and also impacting them to live a happy life with the person they love and want to be with.


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