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Sexuality In The Workplace: The Gender Pay Gap

What is it?

What is the gender pay gap? Before delving into the myth of gender pay gap in Scotland, it is important to note exactly what it is. The European Parliament defined the gap as:

This is something found around the world, Scotland included. There is a myth surrounding the gender pay gap in Scotland and whether it exists. This myth is found to be talked about on social media, especially twitter, as well as in person, particularly where there is drinking. The latter, the author has experienced in pubs. This article will show evidence to support that it is indeed real.

Myth: The gender pay gap does not exist in scotland

The first piece of evidence comes from The Scottish government who reported:

Although, the Scottish government claims the gap has decreased, it does admit to the existence of a gap in the first place. However, conflicting evidence according to the National Trust of Scotland, reported that:

This evidence suggests that the gap fluctuates throughout the years but, it does not give a clear explanation on why the gap is still in existence in 2023. This should not be something still happening in modern day. Furthermore, negative perceptions of sexuality in the workplace is something else found to still be happening in Scotland. However, there are laws in place which help to avoid this happening. For example:

This does not mean negative instances do not happen in the workplace sadly. It does mean that legal action is an option to help protect a person. All in all, the gender pay gap does indeed exist in Scotland, including negative perceptions of sexuality in the workplace. The gap fluctuates throughout the years, however, this year found an increase in the gap regardless of there being more awareness around the issue of a pay gap.


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