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Saving the Planet Makes You Sparkle – 4 Biodegradable Glitters You Need to Use in Your Next Festival

Music booms through speakers as the warm summers sun sets on the thousands that are dancing in fields having the time of their life – that festival feeling is like no other! One thing that catches your eye at a festival is the sheer amount of glitter.

The way it catches the light and makes the outfit come together, covering yourself in glitter has been a festival trend for many years. But surely it can’t be good for the environment to have trillions of tiny pieces of plastic disposed of after every festival. As a result of this, 61 festivals around the UK have banned single-use plastic from their sites, this includes the festival favourite, glitter.

“According to Greenpeace, 12.7 million tonnes of plastic are entering the world’s oceans every year. Microbeads, which are found in toothpastes, shower gels and many scrubs and cleansers, are so small that our sewage systems are unable to filter them out, and thus they end up in the stomachs of seabirds, whales, turtles and other sea life.” – Evening Standard

So brands have been looking into what we can do to still achieve the glittery, festival look whilst looking after the planet and not further polluting it which single-use plastics. With this, came the birth of biodegradable glitter. Shiny, affordable and protecting our planet, what more could you want?

Here are four brands that are selling biodegradable glitter to keep you sparkling through festival season:

VO5 Style Edit Hair Glitter and Fixing Spray

VO5 Style Edit Hair Glitter is part of it’s new range of biodegradable glitters as part of the ‘glitter is litter’ campaign.

It retails at £4.99 and is available in six shades. The six shades include ‘wicked violet’, ‘galactic gold’, ‘mermaid green’, ‘ocean blue’, ‘power pink’ and ‘silver stardust.’ Also available as part of this range is the VO5 Style Edit Fixing Spray for Glitter which is used to hold the glitter in place for hours and retails at £2.49 for a 50ml bottle.

Eco Glitter Fun

This brand is one of the largest biodegradable glitter businesses, with over 50 colours to choose from and retailing for from £4. As a business, they have tried to remove all use of plastic to create less plastic pollution and in turn, save the planet and our oceans from all single-use plastics, not just in their glitter products but in the way they produce them too.

“Eco Glitter fun was born from two fun-loving party animals, whose mission is to bring responsible sparkles and plastic pollution awareness to the world.” – Eco Glitter Fun

“Our packaging is plastic-free and we continue to find ways to further reduce the amount of plastic used in every aspect of our business.” – Eco Glitter Fun

“We hope you use our glitter to help educate people on how to reduce their plastic consumption.” – Eco Glitter Fun

Dust & Dance

Dust & Dance is a company that sells a range of sparkling products, from bioglitters of varying sizes and mixes to face and body jewels, all whilst being conscious of the harm that plastic does to the planet and with that in mind, creates biodegradable products. The glitters can be bought in 3g pots or 10g pouches and retail for around £3 per pot and £6.50 per pouch.

For block colours, they use three different sizes of glitter in each product to create the bold, thick, full coverage look whereas in multicolours, they use up to 24 individual glitters to create a magical, colourful look.

“Biodegradable glitter is a tiny little swap for you which can make the world of difference.” – Dust & Dance

“Unlike plastic based glitters (which stay in our natural environments for years), Dust & Dance’s biodegradable glitters break down (when exposed to microbes & wet conditions) in around 4 weeks.” – Dust & Dance


MUOBU (Make Up Or Break Up) is another business wanting to make a change when it comes to single-use plastics. Their bioglitter retails for around £3.50 per 4g pot, £6 per 10g bag, £15 per 25g bag and £25 per 20g bag.

They also sell their own glitter glue to make sure the product sticks in the best way possible.

“Our biodegradable glitter is made from plant cellulose, mainly sustainably sourced Eucalyptus trees. It’s just as sparkly as non bio-glitter, but as it’s made from plants it may be resistant to come solvents used for nails (it works fine with both of our glues though!).” – Festival Glitter

As a result of the glitter being plant-based, it means that technically it’s edible too! But this is not advised.

“This eco-friendly plant based glitter is actually perfectly safe to eat. Your toilet may shimmer though!” – Festival Glitter


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