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Provocative Trending Fashion: Inspired By The Red Carpet

During the 1920s, the red carpet was used to highlight glamorous stars and noteworthy people. Often, these people wore memorable outfits and were famous stars or icons in society. As a result, the phrase ‘red carpet treatment’ was born.

People have used the red carpet to gain the attention of the press, to boost their social image and to promote there clothing or trending fashion. What are the red carpet fashion trends in the 1950s? What are the red carpet trends in the 2020s?

Trending Fashion trends in the 1950s

Previously, trending fashion trends in the past were considered to be elegant and in-line. A key feature was the use of feathers in fashion, usually on a dress as a part of the decor – as seen in Bette Davis. Using feathers, gives the picture of elegance, almost serving as imagery relating to a swan.

Unlike Bette, Ingrid Bergman demonstrated that beauty and fashionable dress does not have to be complicated. The simplicity of a white long dress exemplifies the tallness of Ingrid.

Another example is Elizabeth Taylor, who wore a white frilly dress to the Academy Awards during the 40s/50s. The texturing and outgoing style was seen as a bold move for someone at that time. As for the men, it was seen as traditional to wear smart trousers, a jacket/blazer and a bow tie. This is a prominent theme that has remained through the 40s/50s.

Spectacular Trending fashion during 2000-2020

Recently, fashion trends have become more flexible. For example, people can wear formal or can choose to be more casual, employing a blazer-jeans combination. Cameron Diaz took to the red carpet with a short black dress with a textured effect. However, Beyonce kept her dress traditional with a black, long dress. Anne Hathaway strived towards the carpet in a patterned, tight dress. I, particularly, like the glimmering fashion of her dress – eye-catching!

However, some dresses are more revealing. An example of this, during the Emmy Awards, is Blake Lively. This stunning dress is long and looks elegant, whilst keeping a modern look by not keeping everything covered. The icon also used a sassy yet sensible pose to emphasise her slim figure.

Now, we need to look at modern fashion trends for men. The Back Street Boys (2000) is a questionable fashion choice for the red carpets, using denim and a sleeveless shirt. However, one member was rocking a turtle neck shirt; should this have been a sign of what was to come? Similarly, what was happening with Brad Pitt? A blazer-jeans combo? Unfortunately, it is questionable whether they match.

Terrific Differences: past and present

What are the main differences in trending fashion and style? Fashion, in previous years, was significantly more inflexible. As a result, you did not see many patterns or any mixed-gender clothing. It was thought that men wore tuxedos, and trousers or suits and ties, whilst females were expected to show feminine traits and elegance. This was carried out through wearing dresses and jewellery.

Nowadays, the dress code has become more flexible. Females can wear a short shirt and display potentially questionable behaviour that could be censored (Lady Gaga’s meat dress) and outfits – the result of reduced gender norms and stereotypes. Furthermore, men have worn makeup at events such as Oscars, another example of how gender norms are changing.

The Future: Inspiring, Magical and Amazing

The future of the red carpet is an interesting question/statement. There are many possibilities. As gender norms start to dissolve, will we see men wearing dresses, as females have taken to wearing suits? Will the red carpet change colour, perhaps changing to the pride flag to symbol equality? I would like to see drag come to the Oscars.

It’s evident that the traditional Oscar fashion is being reduced, so the real question is: what will happen next? Anything is possible!


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