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Previous Mindless Intern and Content Creator, Ben Wilkinson, on his Time at Mindless

Opting for an internship can seem daunting. Questions surrounding fair pay and efforts appreciated often arise.

Image Credit: Ben Wilkinson

How do you know what is right for you? As many university students, and lecturers alike, are learning, digital skills are becoming increasingly sought after. In a world where most people consume information via social media daily, to what extent do you think you could transfer these skills in the workplace?

Our Digital Micro Internship onboards thousands of students from across the world, wherein interns complete short-term, high-value, digital work experience. As part of our promise, we stay connected with our interns, even after their time with us! That’s why we sat down with Ben to discuss all things transferrable skills.

Ben, a 23-year-old Master’s graduate living in Manchester, completed two internships with Mindless. Having participated in our Digital Micro Internship, and harnessing the power of storytelling, Ben joined us to run our Instagram.

Now a member of the working world, Ben has recently found his perfect role: “I’ve just landed my dream job as social media manager for an LGBT+ charity that I love and couldn’t be happier!

Why did you do the DMI in the first place?

“I did my internship because I wanted some experience in these sectors, any extra journalism experience I could get was great and I hadn’t had any proper experience running a brand’s social media account until I had my internship with Mindless, so it was a great stepping stone!

What were you hoping to gain when you first started?

“I was hoping to gain some skills and experience I could take forward into my subsequent roles!

What was your favourite article to write?

“My favourite article was one I wrote about favourite Met Gala looks of the 2010’s! I’m a huge lover of fashion so I really enjoyed diving into that and curating a piece around my favourite fashion moments

How did Mindless play in role in your subsequent job applications?

“I was able to pull on skills I’d developed in my internship to help give me advantages when applying for jobs and showing my portfolio.

How do you use Mindless skills in everyday life?

“During my social media internship, I was running the account, replying to comments/messages and designing graphics every day, and I’ve built upon those skills and now do all of those things to an even higher standard in my full-time job!

What’s the most valuable skill you’ve taken away? How does it translate?

“I’ve taken away many skills from my times at Mindless, but one thing I always valued about them was their communication and kindness, it felt like a family as opposed to an organisation, which I really loved, and try to mirror in my current role.

What are your next steps?

“After my last internship with Mindless, I went on to spend the summer running Aldi UK’s social media, which was really challenging but fun! As I mentioned earlier, I’ve just got my dream job and can’t wait to get started! And I’m sure everything I learned at Mindless helped play a part in securing it, so I’m thankful for that!

What advice would you give those embarking on the internship?

“Don’t hold back, be imaginative and always try and have a unique point of view. These industries can be competitive that’s what’ll give you an advantage over your peers!”

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