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Pets aren't just for Lockdown!

The aftermath of the Pandemic - abandoned animals.

Lockdown was hard on us all for many many reasons and we are all still suffering the consequences of the Covid-19 Pandemic today even if we don’t know it.

However, it’s not just humans that have suffered and are still suffering due to this world and life-changing event; animals are suffering too which not everyone is aware of as they have no way to communicate this with us.

Let me share with you a personal story that I heard recently, November 2022, about a couple of rabbits that had been bought over lockdown to keep somebody company during the shut-in, but then as soon as the lockdown was finished got returned back to the local pet shop.

The fact that this story happened only recently shows how this is still an important issue, lockdown in the UK ended ages ago, yet here is a tale of how impactful it was on just two, out of many, pets.

This story does have a happy ending, luckily, for this pair of floppy-eared rabbits, as by chance someone walked into the pet shop saw them and took them home! It was fate as they had been there for 6 months already; the kind person walked in one day and said "if they’re still there next week I’ll buy them", as they already owned quite a few pets, they had to ensure a sufficient safe space would be possible for them to live happily first which is only fair.

The next week they were still there so went home with their lovely new owner. As you can imagine they were quite grumpy and snappy at first due to being abandoned when they had just gotten used to their previous owner and then never saw them again, but due to the expertise and love from their new owner, they are now happy, healthy and living their best life in their new home.

Fortunately for these rabbits, named Delilah and Ophelia by the way, kindness from a stranger allowed them to have another chance at life and get the love and care they deserve.

This is just one story among thousands of animals bought to keep someone company in the loneliness of lockdown but then given up when allowed our freedom again. Some unlucky animals don't even get abandoned safely, they'll just get dumped at the side of the road or worse.

If you want to help and combat the consequences of abandoning Lockdown pets feel free to visit these websites to find out more...


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