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Perfect Body

The fashion industry is known for its glitz and glamour. Celebrities from different parts of the globe would travel to some of the most well-known fashion shows in the world like New York, London and Paris fashion shows. They would live their best lives and reminisce on how many times visited different shows like when Dolce and Gabbana showcased some of their luxurious statement pieces.

We are all into fashion whether we subscribed to the monthly magazine subscriptions or whether we a not fashion savvy. Some would prefer to keep it simple by wearing a jeans and T-shirt. In this flamboyant/glamorous industry there is an underlying issues such as mental health. It is a taboo subject/topic that sometimes or most times is shoved under the carpet. I say so because that is not talked about.

Statistics shows that 25% of people within the fashion industry have more likely to suffered/experienced mental health issues due the demand of excellence. Its fast paced and heavily anticipated nature. Kate Spade, a renowned American fashion designer took her own life in June 2018. She suffered with depression and anxiety I would presumed due the high demands within fashion industry.

Fearing The Loss Of Status

Famous designers and models divulged information about their struggles with mental health. It is great that they speak their truth. Let us talk about models who are not well-known/revered as Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell. They find it extremely difficult to speak or let their voice be heard due to the fact that they may not get a job. They fear that the person hiring would perceive that the individual is not able to cope with the pressures within the industry. It may make them come across as being unable to do their job also the fearing the loss of status. I am not saying that the fashion industry is the sole cause of mental illness but it most certainly plays its part in a huge way.

Appearance is an extremely important factor within the industry if you are a model. As a model you must seen meaning your online presents on different social media platforms. Having to look flawless, interesting and edgy is a deciding factor on booking your next job. As clients are looking for the next Naomi and Kate.

Mental illness shows itself in many forms in the particular industry but the one that stands out to me the most is their weight, they constantly monitor their food intake to a point where some of them have to be hospitalised due to being under weight and lack of beneficial nutrients.

Models place set such high standards for themselves within this industry that I feel they sometimes forget how live their lives. My humble understanding is that in this industry their self-esteem, self confidence are both low and they feel worthless and that can be amplified from going weeks or months without constant work as a model and because a model job fluctuate.

In highlighting this issue let us trust that moving forward the fashion industry take some responsibility in supporting their models in helping them look after their wellbeing even when sometimes it maybe an uncomfortable conversation to have. I hope that the industry tries their utmost best to uplift their models and not pick them apart meaning telling them their bodies is not suitable for their career path or their skin is not flawless. We all have flaws as not one human being is made ‘perfect’ as this is where the problems surrounding mental health issues starts. By being unkind we as human beings fail.

The fashion industry also needs to be more inclusive by accepting models with different body types, ‘normal skin tone’ with people who embrace their blemishes and curve woman. I would same let our future models see themselves.



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