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Ocean Conscious? The Brands You Need To Buy

The world’s oceans are polluted. For decades we have neglected them by discarding our waste carelessly. 12 Million tones of plastic waste end up in the ocean each year, making up around 80% of all marine debris.

There’s lots of reasons for this; poor waste management, non biodegradable plastic packaging, street and beach littering, as well as many industry based problems.

Where does the fashion industry fit into this?

A trend has begun, where many fashion brands are beginning to create products using recycled plastic, lots of which is collected from the sea. This includes large well known brands, such as adidas, as well as more low-key independent brands.


Starting with adidas and their collaboration with the non-profit organisation Parley for the Oceans. The sportswear giants and non-profit organisation teamed up to create high-end, athletic clothing and shoes. The twist, all of them were made out of retrieved ocean plastic.

The process avoided ‘virgin’ plastic (plastic not yet used) and instead intercepted waste before it hit the sea and landfills. The upper of their sneaker is made from a mix of yarn and filaments, and through the use of a scannable chip inside the heel of every shoe, you can witness the process it endured from beginning to end.

Hamilton Perkins

It isn’t just clothing that can be made out of recycled goods. Enter Hamilton Perkins. They have designed a line of weekender bags made out of recycled plastic bottles. Not only does this stop the plastic going to the ocean, but also removes the need for carrier bags and needless plastics on that front.

Just to add to all that, Hamilton Perkins assure customers that all the people involved in its production process are paid fairly. They are bringing you a bag, that is not only letting you help save the planet, but also one that’s making sure food is on the table for those who make them.

Labo Mono

Inspiration for sustainability can come in strange ways. Labo Mono came to fruition after its founder got soaked on his cycle home. This began a search for a practical, and sustainable jacket. He couldn’t find one, so made one.

Their urban jacket is made to be PFC free, a common material but one that’s harmful for people and wildlife. It’s made of 30 recycled plastic bottles, and they are now aiming to increase their range of sustainable products.


Iconic boot and clothing company Timberland have added recycled plastic from bottles into their soles for years. However they are stepping up their game, and are now turning waste bottles collected from Hawaii into thread.

Using 223 million bottles so far, they weave this thread into their non-leather boots and are hoping to reach a point where 100% of their products contain recycled or organic material. Having giants such as Timberland in the industry getting involved in recycling trends is a sure fire way to turn it to the norm.

Oceans The Brand

There is nothing more fitting to combat the ever-growing sea pollution than swim trunks made out of 100% recycled fibres. Oceans The Brand create flawless and stylish swim trunks, and are committed to the idea that prevention is better than a cure.

However this hasn’t stopped them from being involved in plights to save the seas, and they commit 5% of their annual profits to charities centred around the ocean and its preservation.

What can you do?

Being ocean conscious about your purchases is vital. We rely on our oceans more than a lot of us think!


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