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Money, What is the Real Cost?

Money vs happiness

Everyone loves having money to spend and many people believe that this in the end is the way they get to ultimate happiness. However, with the change in financial behaviours of the economy the result is the cost-of-living crisis in which many people are beginning to see the true effect of what money is. Yes, it is nice to have designer clothes, luxury holidays and the latest technology. But what does is the cost to someone's mental health. The cost of living crisis has seen an all-time height of mental health struggles. This is due to the high uncertainty that this brings to an individual. The uncertainty of how they're going to pay bills in the next few weeks or even through to next year. I This can lead to high levels of anxiety, stress and can lead to depression in which could go even further. With this in mind, it is important that as a member of a struggling economy no one knows another person’s situation and their uncertainty’s they are facing. There are many methods in delaing with mental helath issues if it is impacting you and your life.

Money in the media

Celebrities are very active in the world of the media and with this so is the concept of money and happiness being correlated. It is not a secret that with just one google search you are able to look at the net worth of all our favourite celebrities in which gives us high jealousy. To name a few according to Forbes:

  • Kylie Jenner $590 million

  • Kanye West $170 million

  • Cristiano Ronaldo $105 million

  • Lionel Messi $104 million

However, even those with the highest net worth across the globe have mental health struggles and just proves that no amount of money will keep anyone happy. Kylie Jenner one of the biggest inspirations and role model in the face of the internet, opened up on her reality show "The Kardashians" about her post-partum mental health struggles.

Its been really hard for me, I cried nonstop all day for the first three weeks.

The glamour lifestyle does not eliminate those struggles that ordinary everyday people face who have limited money- enhancing the point that money does not buy happiness.

The real cost of money

People do say that money can buy us happiness. But this is only up to a certain point in our lives. The concept of money does just intrigue us and our human nature, and we believe that a high amount of money will boost our happiness as we could buy anything we ever dreamed of. However, when does this stop. Many people’s happiness comes from having the people around them, having close friends and family in their lives, and potentially having a significant other to share milestones with them. Money can impact this. Having a high amount of disposable income can cause a person’s nature becomes selfish and self-involved, which in effect will push people away. The cost of money can impact on the relationships with loved ones which will cause long lasting effects on your mental health, as well as theirs. Having a comfortable lifestyle may not be a bad thing but with what you do with that can change someone’s mental wellbeing including your own and others around you.

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