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Money Vs Happiness

Can money really buy happiness, or just short-term happiness?

The phrase "can money buy happiness" is a controversial conversation that has been a subject of debate for centuries.

Comfort and stability

While some people believe that having money may guarantee their future and offer comfort and peace of mind, others argue that happiness is a state of being that can't be purchased via material and luxury possession. Does money bring happiness or just comfort?

On one hand, a person's life can become somewhat more comfortable and secure when they have money as financial stability can reduce stress and worry that are frequently associated with financial instability by making it more possible to pay for essential needs like food, shelter, and medical care. With money it can give you once in a lifetime experience such as travelling and to be able to purchase material goods without having to check the price tag; even though to many this may sound like a dream, there are worries and facts that come with money.

While money can bring comfort and security this doesn't mean that happiness comes with that, in the dictionary happiness is defined as "the quality or state of being happy", ways to show and prove that people with fame and money who should be happy are going through many mental health battles due to them having money. The endeavour towards money can make people neglect relationships with both family and friends which can create loneliness and unhappiness driving them towards using money to buy short term fixes of happiness to overcome this. There is research that has shown that people who prioritise their money and luxury items are more unhappy than people who focus on their relationships, personal growth, and inner fulfilment.

Short term VS long term

Short- and long-term feelings are very different in many ways, people with money expect long term happiness from purchases they make such as a louis Vuitton bag can give people joy and happiness but when the bag isn't as popular and goes out of style or the bag got ruined that short term happiness is gone. Relationships are different in many ways; they have more meaning and more reliability, relationships can include family, friends and partners the feeling of having at least one good relationship and trust for someone is unmatched to luxury items, the long-term happiness and experiences are in my eye worth more than any amount of money. having money can help make experiences better with the right company money is unmatched to the trust and love you can put into lifelong relationships. What would you rather short term or long-term happiness?

Money cycle

People can get consumed by the desire of money and material goods, which can result in a never-ending cycle of seeking for more and never feeling happy. The desire of money may also result in negative emotions towards others who are wealthier, such as jealousy and resentment. The happiness and wellbeing of a person may be further damaged by this. However, love, friendship and personal fulfilment are experiences that cannot be purchased as it can provide deep and lasting enjoyment. People who have strong connections can benefit more as they can use connections to help their ability to make money whilst keeping and improving their relationship. The cycle of wanting more money will always be there, from having a lot of money the cycle to always want more and that having a good amount of money isn't fulfilling. It's like a craving to always want more and to think you always need more, especially because money isn't reliable there could be a fear of an investment not working so they lose money which can be seen as a loss.

To sum up, even though money can create comfort and security I believe it can't buy true happiness. Happiness is within humans and is influenced by our self-awareness and who we surround ourselves with. I believe that yes wealth and money can bring a short-term happiness through items and experiences that money can buy, some experiences can't be a good experience without people by your side to make lifelong memories. Memories are lifelong images that can replay in your head and can be spoken to other loved ones, through sharing memories it means that happiness is attached and even that can be long-term happiness.

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