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Money or Morals?

How the narrative is evolving to a world where money is EVERYTHING

Since the emergence of new technology and social media, money has increasingly become important for most people.

Times where people would be satisfied with a 9-5 job and a stable income are starting to diminish. Instead, younger generations are starting to engage in any activity to make a financially greater living.

An example of this would be the increase in Only Fans models. There has been a 31% increase in Only Fans models over the past year demonstrating that it has become more socially accepted.

Whereas older generations would debate that the OF career path is crossing over the moral line as they value their soul and identity over selling theirs for a financial gain.

Adjusting to a new era ?

Reports have indicated that due to the current cost of living crisis and recession, people are now becoming unstable, and some are willing to go to any extreme to insure financial comfort.

With the uprise in social media usage, influencers have gained power on their audiences and have marketed various types of

"Get rich quick schemes".

Examples include Gambling accounts. Social media platforms have provided a voice for influencers to act as a catalyst in encouraging gambling. For example, accounts like Andy Robson Tips who provides tips on Football matches. Gambling has increased by 11% since last year correlating with the increase in followers and viewership in social media gambling content. Gambling is also one of the biggest reasons as to who people become in debt and has been described as

"One of the worst addictions".

Another example of get rich quick schemes would be the upturn in fraudulent offences. An all-time increase of 68% were recorded in fraudulent cases.

Encouragement on social media platforms from influencers encouraging and promoting vile behaviour has tempted vulnerable viewers to take part in such activity through joining group chats and even courses to train and become fraudsters, as what they deemed to be role models are leading them down the wrong path.

Can you blame the influenced vulnerable children, or do you have to blame the controlling influencers making a living off the downfall of others?

Some may argue that there is nothing wrong with the get rich quick schemes as it is the future, and we need to adapt to the current financial crisis by operating in a way of making money by any means possible. However, where do we draw the line?

Has the constant pressure on us to financially be successfully pushed society into trading their souls and identity for a pay check?

Is there hope for the future?

Money has always been powerful in society since we moved on from bartering however, we are now experiencing a time where a person’s financial image is seen as an achievement without any context. People are willing to pay £100 for a 500ml bottle. WAKEY WINES (local convenience store) have inflated the PRIME drink from a retail price £2.50 to £100. Although the creator of PRIME (KSI) described consumers as "being ripped off" consumers still decide to buy it.

Although some social media platforms have been used to influence negative monetary trends and exploit consumers, there is still some hope. With accounts like POKU BANKS. POKU BANKS offers free financial advice and tips on challenges young adults face. From car insurance to University and Saving there are tips galore. More traditional methods like Books such as rich man poor man provide positive insights and attitudes towards tackling the idea of money management and have been recommended as the best finance books. It is also known for one of the most famous quotes of all time,

" The main reason that over 90% of the American public struggles financially is because they play not to lose. They don’t play to win".

It is incredibly necessary that the government take responsibility in addressing negative social media trends when people are chasing an income, whether that be censoring their content or banning them from the platforms because if not it can only get worst ...

What can we do to help?

Reporting accounts and spreading awareness on the negative effects that they are having on a huge amount of people is imperative. Andrew Tate who is a millionaire with very misogynist views was recently banned from social media due to the up raw in people about him spreading sexist views on monetary habits by men, which shows collectively we can make a difference, slowly but surely.

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