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Money Makes The World Go Round?

I believe it was Paul Van Der Merwe who first said that money makes the world go round but is this really true? Does money really make the world go round or do other factors contribute to the world going round? It is a question few people think about as most people just accept as society that money is what makes the world go round, but should it be something that we do accept or should we think more deeper into this concept.

Every person talks about money every single day. Whether you have lots of it or you struggle to live paycheck to paycheck, it is something you will always discuss as it is a factor that makes the world go round. You may talk about money unintentionally when discussing plans or you might just be talking about where you bank or where you invest your money, it is a factor that comes up at least once a day in conversations with people. But should it be? Do we really need to discuss the ins and outs of our financial life with our peers? Should we really allow something with monetary value to consume our entire world? The answer should be no, but due to society believing that it is okay to do so and is normal, every person decides that this is normal behaviour.

But why was it ever decided to be believed that money is what makes the world go round, when in reality it can be many other factors in our life what makes the world go round. Why was it never thought that love could be what makes the world go round? Everybody has some form of love in their life, whether its their family, friends, pets or the love they have for life, why can't it be this aspect which makes the world go round? If we looked for love more in life than opportunities to have more money then maybe we would be happier, and more content with ourselves to the point where the love we have makes the world go round and you become less reliant on money. Many people have said that money doesn’t bring you happiness, I mean you could look at characters in TV shows, such as Gossip Girl, Chuck Bass had all the money he ever wanted, living in the penthouse apartment of his hotel he owned on the upper east side of New York City at 18 but until he had the love of his life Blair Waldorf he wasn’t happy and he even said his life wouldn’t be his life without Blair in it.

As a society, I believe we should be moving away from the ideology that money is what makes the world go round and we should be living life to the fullest and this becoming the new idea on what makes the world go round. Because how could we possibly say that money is what makes the world go round when in this current time people are struggling to pay their bills and deciding if they eat or if they will have warmth in their house. When its seen so clearly that so many people across the UK have struggled this past winter with costs which are consistently rising, making it harder and harder for people to make financial decisions about what will be best, how can money be seen as making the world go round, when the world has kept going when many people in society would just wish for it to stop for a moment so they can regain control of their life and the problems they face.

Money hasn’t always been thought of as making the world go round though, as in the Bible money is referenced to as the root of all evil. This is in reference to people who have too much money, they become greedy with it and want everything there is in the world. This leads them to insane jealousy when they can’t have what they so desperately wish for. This creates the idea that money does not serve as something to make the world go round for all and is disposable to them, to bring them everything they need and more but not always what they want. This doesn’t make the world go round for these individuals it just makes them more content with their life but not necessarily happier in the end. This has been seen over the years, conveyed indifferent forms by different artists, in one of David Walliams books he conveys this message through the book ‘Billionaire Boy’, that just because he has all the money he could ever wish for he wasn’t happy and all he really wanted was a true friend which is something money can’t buy, showing money does make the world go around but the love in friendship can as well.

In the end I don’t think it can be idealised that the ideology of money is what makes the world go round when in reality, it doesn’t. Other factors like love is what makes the world go round, but then, money doesn’t always bring happiness to people, some people struggle with their finances and money for them is something they wish they had more of to deal with the current economic climate, and those with the greatest amount of money aren’t always happy with it and wish for items money couldn’t buy such as love and friends. As a society people need to move away from the idea that money is what will bring you the most happiness and you need to look for it other aspects life, start looking at those people closest to you and they will bring you the happiness which will make the world go round for you.

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