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Money IS The Most Controlling Thing In Your Life


Societal pressures have a huge impact on an individual's decision making process however there is one thing that tops it. Money. The basic wants out of life are to have a big house, a nice car, to go on fancy holidays etc but that just isn't realistic. The average UK yearly salary is £38,131 which makes it almost impossible to be able to keep up with the 'standard' without breaking the bank. It makes it a whole lot harder when there are influences who are showing off their £20,000 bags and £50,000 watches because it makes us crave things even more even though the majority of people cannot afford it. Sacrifices must be made in order to get the things we want. Buying cheaper alternatives, cutting down on eating out, socialising less just to feel like we fit in with society. Even if you are fortunate enough to earn a good wage it still isn't easy to make a big purchase. There are many steps that have to be thought about before buying anything. Will this negatively impact my future?, do I actually need this? Even if you have the money there is still stressful thought behind It.


There are so many different perspectives on how people think money should be spent. Some people think that you should just live in the moment. Spending everything you have by going on adventures and having fun because anything can happen and life can stop at any moment. However the other side is that you should save as much as you can. Whether you want to go traveling or save for a house both options can be very hard especially at the minute. The cost of living crisis is majorly impacting so many individual's and families that it has got to a point where people can't do either of the options. Not everyone has thousands of pounds to spare so the fact that the prices of everything are going up is making it a lot harder for people to actually be satisfied within their life.

It's no surprise to anyone that buying a house is costly. It takes years to save for a deposit so it resrict's what people are able to do in that time. The fact that a basic necessity has such an affect on a large portion of our life says a lot about society today. There are so many factors that come up when thinking about the future. Children being one example. Having children and raising them is not cheap. Juggling saving for a house, bringing up children and everything else that life brings is not easy. The expectancy that everything should be completed at such a young age is not fair as it can make individuals feel disappointed and unsatisfied with the life they have already. Just because people are not able to pay for everything at once does not make them a less valued person which the world can make them feel.

Is it even worth it?

There are so many different occasions when people just contemplate if any of it is even worth. Why should money stop me from doing something that I want to do? There are so many things and desires that every individual wants to achieve whether that is to travel or just to go out and socialise with their friends but their income just has such a negative affect upon it. Thinking about future and the influential pressures can bring such a negative thought process behind an individual's mind. It can lead to scary things like depression and anxiety which then spiral into regretted decisions later on. There are so many different feelings and emotions that come into what to do with the money you receive. At the end of the day there is no right or wrong answer. You are the one that works and deserves whatever money that you receive so whatever you decide to do with it is up to you. Comparing yourself to one another just makes every situation worse. At the end of the day you should just live as you please. Just try not let money control your decisions. Your decisions should be controlled by you.

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