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Money is Happiness

Does financial stability guarantee a happy life?

The idea that money buys happiness is a common a topic of conversation. This is largely due to people from each side of financial security having different views and ideas. Typically, people with a higher income have a have a larger amount of disposable income and feel as they need to spend it to have happiness. This could be through buying luxury items like phones and bags that provide a short-term fix which ultimately wears off and is replace but is this money buying happiness or a love for money. On the other side of the financial scale is the idea that happiness isn't brought about by money and instead. comes from family and friends and the memories created with them, as when you are older it provides something to look back on in fondness. This form of happiness can last a lifetime.

Money opens doors

A significant advantage money can bring to individuals is its ability to allow them to experience the finest things in life. This may come in the form of education and healthcare as it means they aren't reliant on government funded schemes and will achieve the high standards in all areas. For health care this could be the difference between finding a cure for an illness or not and in education would allow a more personal approach making their studies easier for them. Both of these scenarios are likely to improve the well-being of an individual and also increase happiness. However, it could be argued that without this upbringing it would give an individual more drive and determination to work harder to achieve what they need to be successful in life giving them a sense of fulfilment that can contribute to happiness, but does this then show that these individuals are in others words just chasing money as they think it will provide greater happiness. Which enforces the idea that 'money makes the world go round.'

Love vs money

The main controversy of 'money buys happiness' is love. This could be in the form of friends, family, or relationships these connections are long lasting and bring happiness that last for long periods of time. Money can be can cause you to neglect these connections as people's views can be clouded by the power money enforces upon you. Whilst money gives fulfilment and direction in the form of goals these are short term solutions to happiness and with the lack of long-term happiness can lead to an endless cycle of short-term fixes instead. Although money can help to build memories and offer once in a lifetime experience for you and your family it can't replicate the trust and love shared with you buy those you love the most and the happiness that these people add into your life.


A lifestyle that leads you to priorities money and materialistic goods can cause you to create unrealistic goals and a feeling of never being good enough. As you may feel a certain pressure to be on top in both the workplace and financially and use the fact the others may be earning more than them as a drive to earn more. Once this is achieved this happiness will wear off and leave you to feel demotivated and unhappy. However, in some cases money can provide positive fulfilment as it can give people the ability to be able to afford basic living needs like food and a place to live which will give happiness and motivate them to carry on persevering. Money can also give people the opportunity to use their money to help others who they do and do not know. This could be through helping a family member who you love, making them happy this will strength the relationship shared increasing happiness for both. It could also be through donating to charity as this will give a sense of happiness and fulfilment as it shows you are using your money for good.

To conclude, whilst it is evident that money can bring happiness to an individual's life it is only to a certain extent, and it is also not assured. There are other factors that need to come into consideration to assure true happiness like love and fulfilment, money can't be used as a way to replace these vital things. So achieve true happiness they need to find a healthy, sustainable balance between all of these things.

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