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Money: Greatest Factor to our Upbringing?


It is a well known fact that your experiences in your childhood have long lasting effects on who you become as a person. There are many factors that can have big impacts on your character, for example , the area you are raised can change the way you speak and the culture you become apart of, the friends you make can have long lasting effects as it can shape your confidence levels depending on how easy and how many friends you make. even how many holidays a year can have big impacts on your character as it can shape your view on the world and potentially open your options for opportunities later in life.It is evident that our experiences shape our view on ourselves and the world which puts weight on parents to ensure that their child has the best upbringing they possibly many people disagree on the best way to parent a child however many agree that the greatest factor in helping with a child’s development is money.

How money affects our lives

Money(or more so the lack of money) is one of the greatest determinants of the experiences a child will have throughout their life and is one that is commonly predefined before the child is born which means the child is born into poverty or prosperity and is unable to choose or alter the decision. Those who are unfortunately born in to poverty experience many disadvantages that have both negative social and health affects during childhood and following them into adulthood. Without a steady source of income many children are faced with severe poverty and many go to live without necessities such as food, warmth and shelter this can be seen in the many health problems children in poverty are more likely to face. These health issues can range between low birthweight and high risk of becoming obese to tooth decay and even teenage pregnancy.

With such a disadvantage it is shown in many studies that those in low income households perform noticeably worse academically than those who are more fortunate.this leads to those less fortunate opting out of further education such as college and university in search of jobs to help support themselves and their families , and those less fortunate who do decide to seek further education to try and break out of poverty are limited in their options and opportunities due to little to no support from their families either emotionally or financially.

What support is out there?

With 30% of children in the uk living in poverty and 33% of those children falling behind on their education it is clearly an issue that won’t disappear by itself and needs attention and support. Luckily there is support out there that is dedicated solely to aiding children in poverty and ensuring children get the best start on life. One of these support lifelines is the charity organisation save the children.this organisation has launched a wide variety of programmes to aid children in every aspect of their life from school by creating programmes that invite their parents to be present during lessons In order for them to get a deeper level of understanding of their child’s education. They also provide support to the household itself by providing basic households, learning resources and information to not only help the child thrive at home but to lessen the struggles the household face.

With the cost of living crisis widening the gap between the rich and the poor many families were left unable to both feed their families and heat their homes and were unfortunately forced to pick one and go without the other which Caused many health issues and made their house holds was organisations such as save the children who provided grants to low income families to allow them to access basic human needs.

Looking to the future

Looking at the current cost of living crisis and the overwhelming number of children in poverty which is slowly increasing, it is evident that many children’s futures are being compromised as money is becoming a bigger requirement to live and harder to get.although there is support out there it unfortunately not enough and it is heartbreaking to see children and their futures be the ones to suffer because of something they know nothing about and have no control over.

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