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Mom, I am a Knight: Self-Identification and Surge in Gender Studies at UK universities

It was a sentence that I uttered as a small boy to my mother. A sentence that would seem innocent by nature takes on a deeper dimension in the perspective of today's world

As a small boy in a world where the computer did not yet replace reality, playing outside with friends was something generally common. One of our favourite activities was looking for fallen tree branches, which were shaped like various weapons. When one of us found a branch that was interesting enough, the rest of the group interpreted the type of "weapon" obtained, giving the finder additional imaginary functions - it was a time when imagination was used to supplement reality, not to replace it.

One day, after a few hours of "historical staging", I came home and announced to my mother that I am a knight. I really thought so then. It was what at that moment seemed to me the only truth.

It was over two decades ago and maybe that's why my mom reacted with a smile on her face and didn't equip me with a sword and sent me to the war zone to demonstrate my skills, she knew that what was going on in my head had nothing to do with reality. Today, the same boy who identified himself as something completely different from what he sees in the mirror could be taken quite seriously.

Self-identification and surge in gender studies across United Kingdom’s Universities

Given the widespread discourse surrounding gender identity and self-identification in today's Western world, it is to be expected that future students would express a notable interest in these topics.

Indeed United Kingdom universities recognized the growing demand and have responded by expanding their offerings in Gender and Sexuality Studies. Many institutions have introduced specialized degree programs, minors, and interdisciplinary courses to cater to the increasing interest.

One of the universities that responded to this trend was the University of Stirling, which offers a master's degree program in Gender Studies.

"Our Masters degree in Gender Studies examines the history, context and development of key debates around gender, sexuality and identity, exploring commonalities and differences in the ways they have played out in a range of contemporary, historical and global cultures"

Students of Gender Studies have the opportunity to delve into the complexities of gender and its impact on society. By seeking truth and engaging in rigorous research, they can contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the intricate interplay between biology, psychology, and societal influences on gender identity.

This pursuit offers the potential to shed light on the fundamental aspects of human nature and the intricacies of the child psyche, leading to insights that can positively shape our understanding of gender roles, relationships, and the well-being of individuals.


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